HMNZS Kahu (A04)

HMNZS Kahu (A04)

HMNZS "Kahu" (A04) is a "Moa" class inshore patrol vessel of the Royal New Zealand Navy.

"Kahu" was launched in 1978 as the lead boat of her class, modified to function as a diving tender. She was initially named HMNZS "Manawanui", the second of three diving tenders with this name to serve in the New Zealand Navy.

In 1988 She was renamed "Kahu" (A04) and recommissioned as the basic seamanship and navigation training vessel attached to the Royal New Zealand Naval College. "Kahu" is the second boat with this name to serve in the New Zealand Navy. "Kāhu" also is the Māori name for a New Zealand native [ harrier hawk] .

She was replaced in her role as a diving tender by HMNZS "Manawanui" (A09).

"Kahu" can be distinguished from other boats of the "Moa" class by the gantry on her quarterdeck and lack of funnels. She remains in service for seamanship and Officer of the Watch training and also as a backup diving tender.

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