Phenolic resin

Phenolic resin

Phenolic resin can include any of various synthetic thermosetting resins such as Bakelite, obtained by the reaction of phenols with simple aldehydes and used to make molded products, including pool and snooker balls, and as coatings and adhesives. See phenol formaldehyde resin for a fuller discussion of the chemistry.

The properties of phenolic materials make them very well suited to myriad industrial applications. Phenolics are the result of polymerization between resin and a base material that can be paper, glass or cotton. The base material used is dependent upon the intended application of the finished product. Paper phenolics are used in the manufacturing of electrical components such as punch-through boards and house hold Laminates. Glass phenolics are particularly well suited for use in the high speed bearing market.

* Bakelite is made from phenolic resin and wood flour.

* Richlite is made from phenolic resin and paper.

* TUFNOL is made from phenolic resin and cotton or linen fabric.cite web
title=TUFNOL Fabric laminates


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