Hooper (surname)

Hooper (surname)

The word hooper is an archaic English term for a person who aided in the building of barrels by creating the Hoop for the barrel. Most Hoopers are British or of British decent, with a small Scottish percentage. Some notable individuals named Hooper:

*Ben W. Hooper (1870–1957), governor of Tennessee 1911–1915
*Carl Hooper (born 1966) West Indian cricket player
*Chris Hooper (contemporary), Canadian musician
*Craig Hooper (contemporary), Australian musician
*Daniel Hooper (contemporary), British environmental protester
*Ed Hooper (contemporary), American author, Tennessee journalist and historian
*Edward Hooper (contemporary), British journalist
*Ellen Sturgis Hooper (1812–1848), American transcendentalist poet, daughter of William F. Sturgis
*Emma Hooper (contemporary), Canadian author and violist
*Harry Hooper (1887–1974), American baseball player
*Horace Everett Hooper (1859–1922), publisher of Encyclopædia Britannica
*Ibrahim Hooper, also known as Doug Hooper (contemporary), spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)
*J. Robert Hooper, Maryland politician
*Joe R. Hooper (1938–1979), American Medal of Honor awardee
*Joseph L. Hooper (1877–1934), U.S. Representative from Michigan
*John Hooper (1495–1555), English churchman, Bishop of Gloucester and Worcester
*John Hooper (politician) (1846 - 1897), Irish politician and journalist
*Johnson J. Hooper (c. 1815 – 1863) American humorist
*Lyndon Hooper (born 1966), former professional Canadian soccer player
*Mike Hooper (contemporary), English footballer
*Nellee Hooper (contemporary), British producer/remixer for popular/rock music groups
*Nicholas Hooper (contemporary), English composer
*Selden G. Hooper (1904–1976), United States Navy admiral convicted by court-martial
*Stanford Caldwell Hooper (1884 - 1955), U.S. Navy admiral and radio pioneer who has been called the "Father of Naval Radio"
*Tobe Hooper (born 1943), American television and film director in horror films
*Tom Hooper (1883–1960), Canadian professional ice hockey player
*Tom Hooper (contemporary), Canadian songwriter and musician
*Tony Hooper, English musician and one-time member of Strawbs
*William Hooper (1742–1790), signer of the United States Declaration of Independence

Fictional persons
*Mr. Hooper, character on the children's TV show "Sesame Street"

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