Michael Hebranko

Michael Hebranko

Michael Hebranko (born May 14, 1953) is a person suffering from an extreme case of morbid obesity, known to be among the heaviest people in the world.[1]

After a stay at the St. Luke’s Hospital in New York, he dropped his weight from 411 kg (910 lb) to 90 kg (200 lb) and waist size from 290 cm (110 in) to 91 cm (36 in) in 19 months with the help of the dieting and exercise coach Richard Simmons and was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records for the highest recorded weight loss in 1990. He lost some of this weight from surgical removal of fat. He then toured the United States lecturing about his experiences and advocating dieting and exercise and appeared in infomercials promoting Richard Simmons.[2] He also appeared on TV talk shows such as The Howard Stern Show and the British chat show Wogan in 1990.

However, over the next seven years, his weight increased to 453 kg (1,000 lb)[1] and he had to be repeatedly hospitalized to the Brookhaven Rehabilitation and Health Care Center.[2][3] In June 1999, Hebranko was at his peak weight of 500 kg (1,100 lb).

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