E.L.A. is Elastinen's third solo album. It was released 31. October 2007, only less than a year after his second. First single is "Ovet Paukkuu".

Track list

#Yks Ja Ainoo (One And Only) produced by MGI
#Kuume (Fever) produced by Sakke & Elastinen
#Myöhästä (Too Late) produced by Elastinen
#Tila Haltuun featuring Illi, produced by Sakke & Elastinen
#Ovet Paukkuu (Doors Knockin') produced by Elastinen
#Jarruta featuring Tasis, produced by Elastinen
#Se Siitä (That's It) produced by Sakke & Elastinen
#Väärin (Wrong) featuring Timo Pieni Huijaus, produced by Sakke
#Häivytään produced by Boy Mike
#Viidest Ysiin (From 5 to 9) featuring Asa, produced by Elastinen
#Irrallaan produced by Elastinen
#Nippusiteitä Ja Mustaa Teippii featuring Iso H & Timo Pieni Huijaus, produced by Iso H
#Yks Plus Yks (1 + 1) featuring Sami Saari, produced by Sakke & Elastinen
#Peli Seis (Game Over) produced by Elastinen

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