Zettai Karen Children

Zettai Karen Children

:A ten-year-old Level 7 psychokinetic (the maximum esper potency designation), Kaoru is the reckless and zealous member of "The Children" Special Esper Team alongside Shiho and Aoi. When she is introduced, Kaoru is seen reading a magazine that is the Japanese equivalent of Playboy and behaves in somewhat of a cavalier manner, much to the annoyed dismay of her adult superiors. When confronted by an adult for not taking a mission seriously or ignoring a directive about a behavior, Kaoru gets angry and telekinetically shoves the offending adult away (often clear across the room, no less). Kaoru's powers are capable of going berserk under certain extreme circumstances (such as if Minamoto is in mortal danger from hostile criminal espers or from armed anti-esper human beings) and have been demonstrated to defy (and eventually destroy) a fully powered-up ESP Counter Measure generator.

;Nihongo|Aoi Nogami|野上 葵|Nogami Aoi:anime voices|Ryōko Shiraishi:A ten-year-old esper with Level 7 teleportation capability, Aoi is the rational member of "The Children" Special Esper Team alongside Kaoru and Shiho that likes playing video games in her spare time. Like her teammates, Aoi is introduced as behaving in a somewhat cavalier manner that annoys her adult superiors. A guess as to the mischief that Aoi is likely to get into is not being where she is expected to be (i.e. asking her to wait outside of a store and then turning to find her gone). It is explained briefly at one point that Aoi sees her origins in Kyoto which has its own local dialect, a feature of which is the honorific -han used in place of the standard -san. When she is angry or dead set on a mission that requires it, Aoi has demonstrated the capability to conduct 12,000 conscutive teleportation jumps before having to pause to recover herself.

;Nihongo|Shiho Sannomiya|三宮 紫穂|Sannomiya Shiho:anime voices|Haruka Tomatsu:A ten-year-old esper with Level 7 psychometry, Shiho is the sarcastic and sharp-tongued member of "The Children" Special Esper Team alongside Kaoru and Aoi. While not adhering to any one leisure activity, Shiho has been known to use her psychometry to probe people's thoughts without their permission and is the first to realize why Minamoto works so well with them — more explanation below. While not able to do much during missions aside from gathering information that is not immediately obvious from the environment, Shiho still supports her teammates by doing whatever she can. Shiho herself explains that her teammates are the only children her age she knew and that the ESP portal limiters worn by all espers power down espers by three levels. That is to say, whenever Kaoru telekinetically shoves an adult around, it is at an artificial Level 4 rather than at her natural Level 7. In the world of "Zettai Karen Children", society still fears and shuns Level 4 espers and their higher-powered brethren.

;Nihongo|Kōichi Minamoto|皆本 光一|Minamoto Kōichi:anime voices|Yuuichi Nakamura:The first lieutenant field leader of "The Children" Special Esper Team, he is tasked with overseeing their day-to-day care and making sure they do not get too carried away when they are doing their jobs. Even as they mistreat poor Minamoto and generally give him super fits, the girls highly esteem him enough to ask the B.A.B.E.L. chief to be allowed to reside with him. Minamoto is quite courageous and sincere in his belief that Kaoru, Shiho, and Aoi are little girls to be protected and cherished before they are Level 7 espers (which Shiho says are treated the same as mass-destruction weapons). Minamoto was derived from a character in the "Zettai Karen Children" manga that does have psychic powers and is charged in the same role he is. Still, Shiho's psychometric snooping reveals that even without psychic powers, Minamoto was treated just as his esper charges were because of his high intelligence as a child (expulsion/prohibition from being in school).

B.A.B.E.L. Headquarters

;Nihongo|Taizō Kiritsubo|桐壺 帝三|Kiritsubo Taizō:anime voices|Jūrōta Kosugi:The leader of B.A.B.E.L, he dotes on "The Children" all the time and spoils them rotten not realizing that this overindulgence is probably the reason for the bad behavior of "The Children". Taizō can and does point to Minamoto as the scapegoat for The Children's fallibilities and poor attitudes. Whether Taizō overindulges "The Children" because he really loves them or because he is frightened for his job/personal safety (after seeing Kaoru severely damage a shopping district trying to stop a criminal esper) remains to be seen; still, Taizō is extremely attached to Kaoru, Shiho, and Aoi (who are starting to realize that Taizō's intense affection for them is not entirely altruistic) and goes into a frenzy comparable to a Level 6 esper whenever he feels that "The Children" are in distress.

;Nihongo|Oboro Kashiwagi|柏木 朧|Kashiwagi Oboro:anime voices|Masumi Asano:Even if her job title is simply being Taizō's secretary or personal assistant, Kashiwagi is no exception to the sidekick/alter ego dynamic and is generally very handy to have around. It is very rare for either Taizō or Kashiwagi to be by themselves as Kyōsuke demonstrates when he hypnotically emulates Kashiwagi to fool Minamoto at one point. Kashiwagi performs many roles as she accompanies Taizō which include assisting with visual aids during mission briefings and preventing Taizō from giving an order or making a decision whose aftermath would most likely be rather messy.

;Nihongo|Fujiko Tsubomi|蕾見 不二子|Tsubomi Fujiko:anime voices|Yukana

Wild Cat

;Nihongo|Naomi Umegae|梅枝 ナオミ|Umegae Naomi:anime voices|Ayumi Fujimura:A sixteen-year-old Level 6 psychokinetic high-schooler originally known as "Kitty Cat", at the beginning Naomi's naive mistakes would make for a less-than-perfect working environment and would not be regarded as a laughing matter (either at the time or after the fact) under normal real-life circumstances. Naomi has built a solid four-year history with her supervisor Ichirō and seems to sincerely wants to do well for both herself and B.A.B.E.L.. However, during one of her missions when she is charged with stopping a psychic who uses his powers to molest women, she begins to have trouble using her powers and accidentally injures her supervisor. After training with the Children, she has a simulated duel with Kaoru acting exactly as the psychic she tried to stop. Naomi realizes that Ichirō's intense affection for her is not entirely the altruistic and professional working relationship that it is supposed to be. When they next meet the peeping esper, Naomi takes out both the esper and her somewhat perverted supervisor. It is at this point Naomi gains the nickname "Wild Cat", the rationale of which is demonstrated whenever Ichirō tries to manipulate Naomi and fails to keep his professional (and physical) distance. Unlike The Children, Naomi seems to be able to deactivate her limiter without Ichirou's assistance almost at will. Since Naomi tends to rush through all her enemies whenever she has to fight, it is not that much of a stretch to surmise that there is probably a time limit whose expiration automatically reactivates the limiter.

;Nihongo|Ichirō Tanizaki|谷崎 一郎|Tanizaki Ichirō:anime voices|Hiroshi Yanaka:Ichirō is the heavy-smoking thirty-six-year-old supervisor of Umegae Naomi. He has become extremely attached to his esper charge over the four years since her supernatural powers were discovered when she was twelve-years-old. While he has done a good job of administrating the development of Naomi's social character which has allowed the use of her telekinesis for constructive ends, Ichirō has also demonstrated signs of a lecherous personal agenda to refine Naomi into his "ideal woman". Despite having twice been on the receiving end of Naomi's telekinesis misfiring and her telekinetic exhortations to keep a professional distance, Ichirō has not been convinced to abandon his lecherous personal agenda.

The Hound

;Nihongo|Akira Yadorigi|宿木 明|Yadorigi Akira:Fifteen-year-old Akira wields his Level 4 metempsychosis as a member of The Hound Special Esper Team alongside his partner Hatsune. As has been demonstrated, Akira's metepsychosis works by interchanging his soul with that of any nearby organism and affords him several situational and structural advantages that his normal anthropoid form cannot. Unfortunately, there is an obstinate operating range beyond which Akira's metepsychotic subjugation will be disrupted and the interchange reversed. It is not that out of the question for B.A.B.E.L. to make a standard practice of storing Akira's anthropoid form in a heavily-guarded vehicle that follows after to keep him in that operation range.

;Nihongo|Hatsune Ōgami|犬神 初音|Ōgami Hatsune:anime voices|Ai Shimizu:Fourteen-year-old Hatsune avails her Level 4 metamorphosis as a member of The Hound Special Esper Team alongside of her partner Akira. Much to Akira's chagrined frustration, Hatsune demonstrates the proclivity to behave her default lupine alternate manifestation which is only at its greatest efficacy when she is hungry—hungry as in 'have not eaten for days' ravenous rather than merely being peckish. Unfortunately, Hatsune's voracious appetite does have the tendency to displace the mission at hand. Even as this flaw is somewhat diminished as Minamoto trains her, Hatsune still has to overcome the fact that she computes and conducts in lupine/canine maneuvering rather than anthropoid action. Even with her canine conduct and gluttony set aside for the moment, Hatsune demonstrates a proclivity to become enthralled with anyone that sees past her exterior to interact with her as a human being and twice tries to claim Minamoto for herself. As Kaoru emphatically and vigorously demonstrates at her natural potency designation during an exercise regarding Minamoto and his affiliation, whoever is decided upon to supervise Hatsune will have to establish and maintain dominance right from the start without being cruel or despotic.

;Nihongo|Keiko Kojika|小鹿 佳子|Kojika Keiko


;Natsuko Tokiwa:anime voices|Eri Nakao:Natsuko wields her Level 5 clairvoyance as one member of the Doubleface esper receptionist team alongside her partner Hotaru and is charged with identifying and intercepting possible incoming threats. Not only can she detect dangerous items such as packaged explosives or concealed personal weaponry, but Natsuko also can even tell if a visitor is in good hygienic repair. It would not be out of the question for Natsuko to use her clairvoyance to spy on a visitor during his time on the B.A.B.E.L. premises to ensure good behavior. She and Hotaru once threw cold water on Taizō when he was lusting after them during a tour of the B.A.B.E.L. facility to welcome Minamoto, indicating they might be young twenty-something adults.

;Hotaru Nowaki:anime voices|Rina Sato:Hotaru avails her Level 5 telepathy as the other member of The Doubleface esper receptionist team alongside her partner Natsuko. Hotaru is charged with reading the visitor's thoughts to determine whether or not they pose a threat to either the espers or B.A.B.E.L's other personnel. The infatuation that she and Natsuko share for Minamoto has ignited a low-level rivalry between the two even as they are often kept in the loop with all the drama involving Minamoto and his esper charges.


;Shūji Sakaki:anime voices|Kishō Taniyama:He is the psychometric physician of B.A.B.E.L. whose job it is to inspect espers at the conclusion of every mission as well as to take care of general medical needs. Sakaki behaves as quite a lady's man and is friendly with Minamoto (who is originally a medical researcher before enrolling in an overseas supervisor course). Before meeting Minamoto, Sakaki behaved like the typical sports jock—popular in school but dangerous if obstructed. Given how he had beaten up several people and how injured they were, it is not that unreasonable to speculate that Sakaki is very well-practiced in the martial arts and that it was probably in that forum that he discovered his psychometry and taught himself how to use it to his advantage.

;Kiriko Suma:anime voices|Rika Fukami:The former supervisor of "The Children", Kiriko seems to hate being in the supervisor role and behaves toward Kaoru, Shiho, and Aoi as if they are animals. The ESP portal limiters that Kiriko gave "The Children" are fashioned as chokers and are deactivated with the password 'Solomon', a powerful and wise king in the Old Testament who used a magic ring to converse with animals. Her current status is unknown after Minamoto comes back onto the scene.


;Nihongo|Kyōsuke Hyōbu|兵部 京介|Hyōbu Kyōsuke:anime voices|Kōji Yusa:A misanthropic former major-rank military esper with eight decades of life under his belt, Kyōsuke is one tough adversary with an abundant anthology of different esper capabilities. As is the case with Kaoru's berserk runaway telekinesis, Kyōsuke has the capability to defy fully powered-up ESP Counter Measure generators but does so as "the rule". Kyōsuke has a lengthy history of teleporting out of his subterranean holding cell, walking around for a breath of fresh air, and teleporting back in without anybody detecting and challenging him. Given that there are few efficacious avenues for damaging him (never mind the subjugation and confinement), Kyōsuke believes that he can demonstrate his volition of doing whatever he wishes and it would not be that outrageous to suspect that Kyōsuke is either one of the alpha adversaries or the alpha adversary. Despite his delight in giving B.A.B.E.L. super fits as he foils all their attempts to apprehend him and using his hypnosis to especially manipulate Minamoto for his own recreational ends (such as effecting the mirage that Kaoru, Shiho, and Aoi are physically older than they really are), Kyōsuke's misanthropy fortunately does not extend to other espers. He views Kaoru as his queen and soul mate due to her ability to defy the fully powered-up ESP Counter Measure generator and wishes for her to grow up quickly not caring anything that Kaoru is much more like a child than she initially appears as Minamoto is forced to endure on a daily basis. He and Momotarou have a social dynamic where they always see the worst of normal people and behave as if the word of an esper always takes precedence over the word of a normal person—with which they both have had several dysphoric experiences.

;Mio:anime voices|Rie Kugimiya:In addition to the normal position displacement (disappearing in one position followed by reappearing in another) much like Aoi, the young teleporter Mio can also generate distance-displacement portals that can even ignore physical obstacles as Dr. Sakaki has been forced to endure while in the middle of a fight with her bodyguard Yamada. Mio is unwilling to accept Kaoru as any kind of ruler that could replace her crush Kyousuke and demonstrates this by kidnapping Minamoto to her very run-down hideout. Minamoto guiding her through proper nutrition/hygiene and even giving her a new outfit inspires Mio but does not stop her vendetta against Kaoru. Mio's downfall is brought about when Minamoto reasons that Mio probably has the same weakness as Akira's metempsychosis. Sure enough, Minamoto transporting Mio's genuine lower half out of range causes Mio to recall her clones, one of which has gone maverick. Kaoru's intercession along with Minamoto's compassion for her inspires Mio to reflect on her conduct even if her jealousy is not yet resolved.

;Yamada Koremitsu:Accompanying Mio as her personal bodyguard, Yamada is a telepath that once did for a private job management security company what Hotaru does for B.A.B.E.L.—basically detecting and repelling trouble. It is not that out of the question that Yamada was probably prosecuting a security operation in which he was injured and is now Mio's personal bodyguard to repay Mio having nursed him back to health. Yamada's downfall comes about when Sakaki psychometrically detects his back story and thus cleverly takes advantage of Yamada's disorganized thought processes along with his martial arts ability to use adversarial momentum and inertia to his advantage ultimately proving a match for Yamada's reliance upon brute force.

;Nihongo|Takashi Kugutsu|九具津 隆|Kugutsu Takashi:anime voices|Yukito Sōma:Introduced as a very quirky but handy fellow with a proficiency for constructing dolls, Takashi also has the esper ability to animate his creations with anthropoid authenticity. While it has never really been conclusively appraised, Takashi has demonstrated the ability to animate/maneuver several of his creations at one time and even conduct a nice conversation—an event that does not happen very often without a request as its ulterior motive. Unfortunately, the euphoria of watching Takashi happily do his esper thing for B.A.B.E.L. is tempered by the fact that he is a spy whose purpose seems to be researching and appraising the B.A.B.E.L. Special Espers and ancillary personnel for Kyousuke. Although he is perfectly fine with being left in peace to do the whole doll thing, Takashi demonstrates signs of demonstrating the common anthropoid social affinities of infatuation and of wanting to be acknowledged/appreciated. Perhaps the most prominent manifestation of this is capitulating to Kaoru's blackmail when she detects him appraising Kashiwagi's corporeal dimensions at distance (a life-sized doll of Kashiwagi in exchange for her silence) and his quiescent morality being annihilated with that life-sized doll at Kashiwagi's hands (who does not—or perhaps does not want to—understand that Kaoru is the intended benefactor rather than himself) during a confrontation in his workshop. Given how it has generally taken him for granted and marginalized him before accusing him of lecherous conduct that is more of the rule with Kaoru or Ichirou, B.A.B.E.L. has a dangerous enemy in Takashi. Takashi's downfall is brought about when he tries to frame Dr. Sakaki as a traitor in order to have him killed without getting his hands dirty; thanks to Minamoto and company, his plot backfires even though he was willing to do his own dirty work.

;Muscle Ōkama:anime voices|Kenta Miyake:Muscle is introduced as the criminal quarry The Children have been charged with apprehending that behaves as if he were a 1960/1970s disco party-goer and has an affinity for muscular male bodies, hence the aspiration for a gold statue fashioned as such. His esper capability is using his telekinesis to burrow through the ground and to petrify people using a gemstone on his belt.

;Momotarō:anime voices|Rie Kugimiya:Being the sole surviving wartime experimentation specimen to manufacture an esper animal, Momotarō is Kyōsuke's squirrel companion that sometimes behaves quite cluelessly as to Kyōsuke's modus operandi as he adds his commentary to whatever Kyōsuke does or is deciding. Momotarou's strongly- and frequently-demonstrated affinity for sunflower seeds one night causes him to be sucked into the slipstream of a passing truck and electrocuted by live power lines for no other reason than his obdurate refusal to let go of the seeds. If pushed into combat, Momotarou has the capability to compress the air around him into acoustic concussion missiles that he launches at his adversaries as well as an intense but transient siren that scrambles and encrypts the brain waves of anybody in the vicinity. When Kaoru tries to nurse him back to health, Momotarou has psychotic episodes as he recalls all the experimentation he has undergone that cause him to lash out to tremendous effect but fortunately sees that Kaoru and her teammates are kindred spirits even if he has not yet resolved his hatred for humans as a whole.

;Shirō Maki:anime voices|kōzi Otiai

Black Phantom


;Tim Toy

Liberty Bell

;Ken McGwire:anime voices|Wataru Hatano:A lieutenant in the Japanese Comerican esper team Liberty Bell, Ken wields his clairvoyance alongside his partner Mary to perform the same kind of police work that B.A.B.E.L. does in Japan but on an international scale. In spite of being suspected of voyeurism at a hot spring resort, Ken befriends Minamoto and Sakaki who guide him through the correct technique for eating soba noodles. He and Mary are after Mute and Lige for unknown reasons.

;Mary Ford:anime voices|Saeko Chiba:A lieutenant in the Japanese Comerican esper team Liberty Bell, Mary avails her Level 6 telekinesis alongside her partner Ken to perform the same kind of police work that B.A.B.E.L. does in Japan but on an international scale. In spite of engaging a devious and dubious device for appraising Kaoru's powers along with those of her teammates, Mary is also found to be a potent ally as she demonstrates when she and Kaoru combine their telekinesis to subdue the fleeing Mute and Lige.

;Colonel J.D. Grisham:anime voices|Takayuki Sugō:His title of *Esper Killer* being justly earned due to his Level 7 telepathy enabling him to wield nearby adversarial esper powers to his advantage, Colonel J.D. Grisham is a sinister adversary that initially appears to possibly stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Kyousuke as a possible alpha adversary considering that he has really given Liberty Bell and B.A.B.E.L. quite a challenge by wielding their thoughts and esper powers to their detriment. Aside from being a horrible karaoke singer, J.D. teaches that an esper's powers vary directly with its willpower—a lesson Kaoru has demonstrated upon her whenever her concentration falters while using her telekinesis. Fortunately, Kaoru figures this out and works alongside Mary and Naomi to help drain a reservoir after Minamoto excavates into his back story. J.D.'s prime volition is for B.A.B.E.L. and Liberty Bell collaboration to grant the terminally-ill Saya her final wish to see her birthplace under the reservoir after she nursed him back to health after an esper soldier (most likely Kyousuke Hyobu) destroyed his bomber and its crew, leaving him as the sole survivor.

The Children's classmates

;Chisato Hanai:anime voices|Kaori Fukuhara:A Level 2 telepath, Chisato is one of The Children's classmates that has a warm childhood history with Masaru Tōno. Curious about whether he will still accept her after learning that she is an esper, Chisato reads Tōno's thoughts to learn that he sees her for the person she is before her telepathy but makes the mistake of sharing the news. Chisato demonstrates the tendency to assume culpability for Tōno's aversion for all espers as well as his conflict with Kaoru.

;Masaru Tōno:anime voices|Rina Satō:Offended by Chisato's telepathic intrusion into his thoughts, Tōno takes his anguish too far and it blossoms into an intense aversion for all espers. Fortunately, it seems that Tōno has gotten over Chisato's intrusion since he has met his athletic rival in his new classmate Kaoru who he suspects used her telekinesis to bean him in the head with an eraser when they first met.

;Kuroki Hiroshi:His affinity for astronomy matched only by his infatuation with Aoi, Kuroki is brainy and boasts abundant academic capability. Given his awkwardness in approaching Aoi with the weekend planetarium invitation, it is not that preposterous to speculate (after taking into account individual development) that Kuroki's academic prowess is slightly overemphasized at the expense of his social development. Not suprisingly, Kuroki would love to be involved with the space program in some capacity when he grows up. Ultimately, Aoi decides to break up with Kuroki to spend time with Kaoru and chase after Minamoto.

;Hige Shōgo:His athletic genius matched only by his infatuation with Shiho, Hige demonstrates that he has a lot to be proudly admired for. Aside from revealing that Hige's athletic prowess is more vividly demonstrated when he is cheered on from the sidelines and that Hige has been well-bred at home, Hige's reaction to Shiho's psychometry being properly explained is probably going to be the central benchmark of whether this relationship flourishes or expires, if Shiho had not already decided to break up with Hige to spend time with Kaoru and chase after Minamoto.

Other characters

;Detective Hanto Uchida:Accosted and subjugated by a trio of thugs one night, he makes the life decision to wield his level 3 telekinesis against the criminals that he sees while on his nocturnal patrol as Masked Justice. The question of why he has not joined B.A.B.E.L. as a Special Esper set aside for the moment, Uchida behaves an intense hatred for society as he telekinetically precludes the trachea of his quarry and generally gets carried away with his powers (though not to the extent Kaoru does). Uchida's downfall comes when he isolates and abducts Shiho when she psychometrically discovers his secret, prompting a fierce telekinetic sequence from Kaoru of forcibly decelerating his car and twice knocking him down to be later apprehended.

The Children's family members

Kaoru's family

;Yoshimi Akashi:anime voices|Mariko Kōda:Yoshimi is Kaoru's gravure idol elder sister that is about Minamoto's age. Given the prominent cleavage that both she and Akie have, it can be argued that the origins of Kaoru's lesbian lechery lie here. As pointed out by Akie, a gravure idol appears to be a sort of trainee-entertainer designation. Considering the 11-year difference in age, Yoshimi is probably not really affected that much by her parents' divorce and just has no clue how to help Kaoru. Like with Akie, she deals with this with her work and dating.

;Akie Akashi:anime voices|Hiromi Tsuru:Considering how well she maintains herself, it is difficult to believe that Akie is Kaoru's actress mother who divorced Kaoru's father five years ago when Kaoru was delivered into B.A.B.E.L. stewardship. Considering the time frame, it is not that much of a stretch to surmise that Kaoru's father has either been driven off or killed by Kaoru's Level 7 telekinesis going out of control which frightens Akie right out of administrating over her younger daughter's childhood development in contrast to Minamoto actually setting limits for Kaoru—and enduring the verbal and telekinetic objections thereof. Akie's inability or unwillingness to see Kaoru as her daughter that happens to be an esper leads her to behave a heavy emphasis upon her work.

hiho's family

;Police Commissioner/General Director Sannomiya:anime voices|Norio Wakamoto:A man that believes that a citizen's obligation to assist the authorities by whatever means is available under the circumstances regardless of age, he is Shiho's father and the director (much like Taizō is the head of B.A.B.E.L.) of the National Police Agency that appears to have a grasp of the esper potency grading system but does not realize that a Level 7 psychometer like Shiho is not the universal skeleton key to the world. Director Sannomiya is not a hopelessly lost cause when he sees that Shiho is very good at figuring out the correct situational modus operandi for wielding her psychometry and takes quick action to rush to his daughter's rescue.

Aoi's family

;Nihongo|Yūki Nogami|野上 ユウキ|Nogami Yūki

Anime original characters

;Mute:The quarry of Ken and Mary alongside his partner Lige, Mute enjoys the capability of illusionism as he spies on the female hot spring bathers while hiding. Even when invisible, Mute is not able to perfectly reflect all the light back away from him and it is possible to make an educated guess as to his presence and location. He and his partner Lige are apprehended by the joint efforts of the Liberty Bell and The Children special esper teams.

;Lige:The quarry of Ken and Mary alongside her partner Mute, Lige demonstrates an affinity for collecting yukatas that were once worn by mid- and spicy-aged men. During an attempt to evacuate herself and Mute, a hit with a well-timed and forcefully-thrown tub forces Lige to abandon her ill-gotten payload. She and Mute are apprehended by the joint efforts of the Liberty Bell and The Children special esper teams.

;Captain Shkii Piroshkiski:The failure of the international conference of crucial importance to Japan being his prime volition and supreme objective, Shkii Piroshkiski is an international spy that acquired the rank of captain in the Roviet Air Force for that sole purpose. Even though he has his subordinates successfully capture Minamoto and Aoi before confiscating their payload, Piroshkiski's downfall comes when he underestimates Aoi and dismisses her capabilities thinking that all the Esper Counter Measure generators in his base afford him the absolute advantage. After a fierce dogfight with a quartet of active homing missiles which Aoi returns to him destroying his fighter, the Roviet government (after Minamoto explains all about him) apprehends him for espionage.

;Hayate Ayasaki, Nagi Sanzenin, and Tama:These characters are from the anime Hayate no Gotoku!, which like Zettai Karen Children was produced by the studio SynergySP. They have appeared in brief couple-second cameos in three episodes of Zettai Karen Children so far (episodes 9, 18, and 26), with Hayate and Nagi's appearance in episode 26 being central to Kaoru's actions for part of the episode.



"Zettai Karen Children" began as a shōnen manga written and illustrated by Takashi Shiina. The manga started serialized in Shogakukan's manga magazine "Shōnen Sunday" in 2005. Shiina developed the series out of a short story he had written in a special issues of "Shōnen Sunday". The series was essentially the same, except for the fact that Kōichi Minamoto was named "Hikaru Minamoto", and he also had psychic powers.


An anime adaptation produced by SynergySP began airing in Japan on TV Tokyo on April 6 2008, and will contain fifty-two episodes. [cite web|url= http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/anime/zettai_children/|title="Zettai Karen Children" episode listing|publisher=TV Tokyo|accessdate=2008-06-07|language=Japanese] The anime has two pieces of theme music; one opening theme and one ending theme. The first opening theme is "Over The Future" by Karen Girl's, the first ending theme is Nihongo|"Zettai love×love Sengen!!"|絶対love×love宣言!! by "The Children starring Aya Hirano, Ryoko Shiraishi and Haruka Tomatsu"; the second ending theme is Nihongo|"Datte Daihonmei"|DATTE大本命, also by Hirano, Shiraishi, and Tomatsu.

Video game

A video game for the Nintendo DS developed by Konami entitled Nihongo|"Zettai Karen Children DS: Dai-4 no Children"|絶対可憐チルドレンDS 第4のチルドレン will be released on September 4 2008. [citeweb|url= http://www.konami.jp/z-children/game/index.php|title="Zettai Karen Children DS" game official website|publisher=Konami| accessdate=2008-08-17|language=Japanese]


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  • Хирано, Ая — Ая Хирано Имя: 綾, Фамилия: 平野 сэйю, J pop исполнитель Дата рождения: 8 октября 1987(1987 10 08) (25 лет) …   Википедия

  • Liste Des Mangas, Par Titre Français, Z — Voici une liste des bandes dessinées asiatiques ou d influence asiatique traduites en français dont le titre commence par la lettre Z. Les titres marqués d une étoile (*) correspondent à des œuvres à paraître et sont donc susceptibles de varier.… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Liste des manga, par titre français, Z — Liste des mangas, par titre français, Z Voici une liste des bandes dessinées asiatiques ou d influence asiatique traduites en français dont le titre commence par la lettre Z. Les titres marqués d une étoile (*) correspondent à des œuvres à… …   Wikipédia en Français

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