Fraser (surname)

Fraser (surname)

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Fraser is a surname, of Scottish origin (see Clan Fraser), and may refer to many people.compactTOC.


* Alex Fraser (politician)
* Alex Fraser (scientist)
* Alexander Fraser:
**Alexander Fraser (1786-1853), a soldier and political figure in Upper Canada and Canada West
**Alexander Fraser (d. 1799) (1729-1799), a soldier and seigneur in Lower Canada
**Alexander Fraser (Ontario MPP), a member of the 1st Parliament of Ontario
**Alexander Fraser, 11th Lord Saltoun (1604-1693)
**Alexander Fraser, 13th Lord Saltoun (1684-1748)
**Alexander Fraser, 14th Lord Saltoun (1710-1751)
**Alexander Fraser, 16th Lord Saltoun (1758-1793)
**Alexander George Fraser, 17th Lord Saltoun (1785-1853)
**Alexander Fraser, 18th Lord Saltoun (1820-1886)
**Alexander William Frederick Fraser, 19th Lord Saltoun (1851-1933)
**Alexander Arthur Fraser, 20th Lord Saltoun (1886-1979)
**Alexander Campbell Fraser
* Alexander William Fraser
* Alison Fraser
* Andrew Fraser
**Andrew Fraser (academic), Australian academic
**Andrew Fraser (New South Wales politician), a National Party member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly
* Andy Fraser
* Angus Fraser
* Antonia Fraser, British author
* Archibald Campbell Fraser of Lovat


* Benton Fraser, fictional character
* Bernard Gabriel Fraser
* Bernie Fraser
* Bill Fraser
* Brad Fraser
* Brendan Fraser, Canadian-American actor
* Brooke Fraser
* Sir Bruce Fraser, British civil servant, who revised the classic book "Plain Words" in 1973
* Bruce Fraser, 1st Baron Fraser of North Cape


* Charles Fraser (botanist), a botanist and explorer in Australia
* Charles 'Pop' Fraser
* Charles Fraser (VC)
* Chick Fraser
* Chris Fraser (dj)
* Christopher Fraser
* Christopher Finlay Fraser
* Colin Fraser, a Canadian ice hockey player


* Daniel Fraser (Alberta politician)
* Daniel Fraser (Engineer)
* David Fraser
* David Fraser (Canadian)
* Dawn Fraser
* Donald A. S. Fraser, mathematician
* Donald M. Fraser
* Donna Fraser
* Douglas Fraser
* Drew Fraser
* Duncan Cameron Fraser, Canadian politician


* Mary Edna Fraser
* Elisabeth Fraser
* Eliza Fraser
* Elizabeth Fraser
* Eric Fraser
* Evan Fraser of Balconie


* Flora Fraser
* Flora Fraser, 21st Lady Saltoun
* Flora Fraser (writer)
* 'Mad' Frankie Fraser, British gangster and ex-convict once dubbed 'the most dangerous man in Britain'
* Francis Richard Fraser, first Director of the British Postgraduate Medical Federation'
* Fraser Watts, Scottish cricketer


* G. S. Fraser
* George Fraser
* George MacDonald Fraser (1925–2008), Scottish writer
* Gord Fraser (cyclist)
* Gord Fraser (ice hockey)
* Graham Fraser
* Graham Fraser (journalist)
* Grant FraserGam Fraser


* Harold Fraser-Simson
* Helen Fraser
* Herbert MacKay-Fraser
* Honor Fraser
* Hugh Fraser (publisher), founder with William Maginn of "Fraser's Magazine"
* Hugh Fraser (1837–1894), British diplomat to Japan
* Hugh Fraser (actor), British actor
* Hugh Fraser (politician) (1918–1984), British Conservative politician
* Hugh Fraser, 1st Baron Fraser of Allander (1903–1966), British peer
* Sir Hugh Fraser, 2nd Baronet (1936–1987), former chairman of House of Fraser


* Ian Fraser:
**Ian Fraser (broadcaster), former head of Television New Zealand
**Ian Fraser (columnist)
**Ian Fraser (composer), composer and joint winner of the Academy Award for Original Music Score
**Ian Fraser (naturalist), Australian naturalist
**Ian Fraser (photographer), UK Photographer
**Ian Fraser (politician), founder of New Zealand's Libertarianz political party
**Ian Fraser, Baron Fraser of Lonsdale
**Ian Edward Fraser, who won the Victoria Cross near Singapore in 1945
**Ian Montagu Fraser, British MP for Plymouth Sutton
* Isaac Fraser


* James Fraser:
**James Fraser (Australian politician), Australian politician
**James Fraser (bishop), Bishop of Manchester 1870-1885
**James Fraser (New Brunswick), premier of New Brunswick until 1882
**James Baillie Fraser (1783-1856), Scottish traveller and author
**James Earle Fraser (disambiguation)
**James E. Fraser, Canadian historian
**James O. Fraser, a Scottish missionary to the Lisu people
* Jeff Fraser
* Jill Fraser, British theatre owner and director
* Jill Fraser, UK politician
* Jim Fraser
* Joan Fraser
* John Fraser (actor)
* John Fraser (journalist)
* John Fraser (UK politician)
* John Allen Fraser
* John Anderson Fraser
* John G. Fraser, South African politician
* John James Fraser
* Joseph Fraser musician
* Josh Fraser
* Juliette May Fraser (1887-1983) American artist
* Julius Thomas Fraser, interdisciplinarian scholar of time


* Karen Fraser
* Katharine Fraser
*Kathleen Fraser, American poet
* Keath Fraser
* Kerry Fraser, National Hockey League referee
* Kristin Fraser


* Laura Fraser
* Lindley M. Fraser
* Liz Fraser
* Louis Fraser
* Lucas Fraser, US Army Cavalry Scout, Purple Heart Awardee, Operation Iraqi Freedom


* Malcolm Fraser (b. 1930), a former Prime Minister of Australia (1975-1983)
* Malcolm Fraser (surveyor)
* Marion Fraser
* Mat Fraser
* Matthew Fraser
* Moyra Fraser
* Murdo Fraser


* Nancy Fraser
* Neale Fraser
* Neil Fraser
* Neil Fraser (New Zealand), a New Zealand component car manufacturer


* Paula Newby-Fraser
* Peter Fraser, Prime Minister of New Zealand between 1940 and 1949
* Peter Fraser, Baron Fraser of Carmyllie
* Phyllis Fraser


* Quentin Stafford-Fraser


* Raymond Fraser
* Richard Duncan Fraser
* Richard S. Fraser
* Robert Fraser
* Robin Fraser
* Ron Fraser
* Ronald Fraser

* Sandy Fraser
* Sean Fraser
* Sean Fraser (Jamaican)
* Sheila Fraser
* Simon Fraser:
**Simon Fraser (d. 1306), who fought in the Wars of Scottish Independence
**Simon Fraser, 6th Lord Lovat (1572–1633), see Lord Lovat
**Simon Fraser, 11th Lord Lovat (1667–1747)
**General Simon Fraser of Balnian (1729–1777), British General during the American Revolutionary War
**General Simon Fraser of Lovat (1726-1782), British General during the Seven Years War & American Revolutionary War
**Simon Fraser (explorer) (1776–1862), Canadian explorer
**Simon Fraser, 15th Lord Lovat (1828–1887)
**Simon Fraser (Australian politician) (1832–1919), member of the Australian Senate
**Simon Joseph Fraser, 16th Lord Lovat (1871–1933)
**Simon Christopher Joseph Fraser, 17th Lord Lovat (1911–1995)
**Simon Fraser, 18th Lord Lovat (born 1977)
**Simon Fraser (comics), British comic artist
**Simon Fraser (football), Ohio State University defensive end
**Simon Augustine Fraser
* Steve Fraser
* Suzie Fraser (born 1983), Australian water polo player
* Sylvia Fraser (born 1935), Canadian novelist and travel writer


* Thomas Fraser
* Thomas Fraser (singer)
* Thomas Fraser (Upper Canada politician)
* Tom Fraser
* Tomiko Fraser


* William Fraser
* William Alexander Fraser
* William Alex Fraser New Zealand politician
* William Augustus Fraser
* William Kerr Fraser

ee also

* Lord Fraser, in the Peerage of Scotland
* Baron Fraser of Allander
* Frasers of Philorth, a Scottish family
* Frasier
* Frazer
* Fraser syndrome

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