Metal Max Returns

Metal Max Returns

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nihongo|"Metal Max Returns"|メタルマックスリターンズ is a post-apocalyptic role-playing game developed by Crea-Tech and published by Data East. It is a remake of the original NES Metal Max, featuring improved graphics and sound, revised areas, references to Metal Max 2 and decreased difficulty. It is the third game in the "Metal Max series", and is a direct prequel to Metal Saga: Hagane no Kisetsu on the Nintendo DS. It also contains many elements that were later found in Metal Saga: Sajin no Kusari on the PS2.


The game is set an unknown number of years after the end of modern human civilization. The survivors clustered into villages or began to live among the ruins, and those who fought the monsters and robots outside became known as monster hunters. These men and women salvage tanks and tank parts in order to defeat monsters and outlaws and collect bounties on them. Although the previous civilization has been ruined, the environment is not as desolate as many post-apocalyptic settings, with plentiful trees and water.


* The Hunter: The main character, a young man who dreams of becoming a monster hunter.
* The Mechanic: A young man who wants to travel the world and become a great tank mechanic.
* The Soldier: A rough woman who hopes to best her rival, Red Wolf.
* Hunter's Dad: A gruff tank mechanic who disowns his son over his wild and impractical ambitions.
* Red Wolf: A mysterious hunter who drives a bright red tank.


* Mosquito: The first tank that the hunter finds.
* Buggy
* Van
* Tiger
* Abrams
* Red Wolf
* White Muu

Game mechanics

The gameplay is classic RPG fare: the characters travel from town to town, having random encounters on the way, upgrading items and tanks as they go. The object is to become a well-known and respected hunter by defeating the monsters with bounties on their heads, which can be done in any order the player pleases. There is also a final area, protected by a gate with a quantity of robot guards: The computer that opens the gate requires a pass-code that can only be found on the top (or close) floor of a huge tower in a town named Sol. There is an unlimited supply of powerful guard robots there, however, and everytime the player inputs the wrong password, one will come out and attack. Once the player gets through, they will encounter the most dangerous enemies in the game, almost all mechanical and every last one superior to the first few bounties, with the ability to rubble even a level 25 character (enough to smash up the rest of the game with luck) in the best tank available with a few good hits and a little luck. In the middle of the area, there is a cratered section, with a tower in the middle. Any players approaching are bombarded with cannon fire. Once past, the player must go through the hardest tankless portion of the entire game, possibly only surpassed by a hidden weapons factory. There is a suprisingly rich storyline, but as it is not forced on the player it must be actively sought out. A large part of the game is customizing tanks: tank parts can be bought or found, and the parts, as well as the tank itself, can all be modified. The player uses a BS-Controller (BS-Con), a personal computer system, to track data about things such as towns, tanks, bounties and experience points. Combat is turn-based. There are a large number of miscellanious items, weapons and upgrades, most with unique or uncommon capabilities; For instance, the Anti Tank Missile that the player can obtain at a certain point and is later replacable with the more effective Excalibur, is the only Special weapon that can be used with the Ambush system, a computer program which allows any driverless vehicle that is being towed and is equipped with an ATM or Excalibur to shoot down otherwise dangerous shots and some ranged attacks. There are a number of very powerfull weapons, mostly cannons but some Specials (A Special is a weapon or device such as a missile pod) and Aux guns, that can only be found by searching in the correct places with a mine or metal detector.

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