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name=M970 5,000 Gallon Semitrailer Refueler
manufacturer=The Heil Company
predecessor=M-131 Series
class=Large Semi-trailer truck
body_style=Tanker Semi-trailer truck
layout=Over and Underwing Refueling
engine=4 cyl. inline Diesel Cummins Onan
related=M-967, M-969
length=366 inches
width=96 inches
height=104.5 inches
weight=15,200 lb empty / 49,150 lb loaded
fuel_economy=1.5 U.S. gallons per hour
fuel_capacity= 5,000 U.S. gallons/3,800 cross country
assembly=Athens, Tennessee

: The M-970 Semi-Trailer Refueler is a 5,000 gallon fuel dispensing tanker designed for under/overwing refueling of aircraft. It is equipped with a filter/separator, recirculation system and two refueling systems, one for underwing and one for overwing servicing. The tanker is designed to be towed by a 5 ton, 6x6 truck tractor or similar vehicle equipped with a fifth wheel. The M-970 can be loaded through the bottom or through the top fill openings.A ladder is provided at the front of the semitrailer for access to the top manhole, and a 4-cylinder diesel engine and pump assembly provides self load/unload capability. The body of the refueler is a 5,000 gallon, single compartment, stainless steel tank. The chassis is of welded steel construction and is equipped with full floating tandem axles and a manually operated landing gear. There has been talk of retiring the M-970, but a suitable off-road replacement has not been found. The Marine Corps also uses R-9 and R-10 tankers, but they are not capable of off road use. The M-970 is apart of the "United States Marine Corps Maintenance Center - Albany, Georgia, USA - An Integrated Enterprise Scheduling Case Study" which is working to upgrade the Semitrailer for future use.


The M-970 can be used as a stand alone fuel tanker, delivering fuel directly to aircraft on a flight line. The Semitrailer is also used in Forward Arming and Refueling Points (FARPs) delivering fuel to multiple nozzles for quick fueling operations at the front lines or beyond. This is generally used for helicopters, but can also be utilized with AV-8B Harrier II or with an Expeditionary Airfield (EAF). M-970's were used to assist in loading the bladders for the Tactical Airfield Fuel Dispensing Systems (TAFDS) in the field as well.


All models of the M-970 share a common basic chassis, motors, etc. The basic tank is a 5,000 gallon baffled tank. BASIC DIMENSIONSLength : 366"Width : 96"Height : 104.5“Square : 244 sq ftCube : 2,126 cu ftWeight: Empty - 15,200 lbWeight: Loaded - 49,150 lbGround Clearance: M-970 - 16" / M-970A1 - 19.5"Kingpin Height: 56 in

FUEL CAPACITY33,950 lb/5,000 gallons highway25,800 lb/3,800 gallons cross country20% maximum side slope wo/leakage: 5,000 gal10% maximum longitudinal slope wo/leakage: 5,000 gal



FORDING CAPABILITYCan ford hard, flat bottoms.Depth depends on prime mover and semitrailer payload (fuel is lighter than water and will float)Without a fording kit the tanker can enter 24" of water safely.

ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: 24 volt, negative ground, powered by prime mover; pump motor, 12 volt, negative ground, 65 amperes

BRAKES : Air, powered by prime mover

EQUIPMENT OPTIONSKits: Vapor Recovery, Recirculation System, Two Refueling Systems - for Underwing and Overwing Servicing


The M-970 and M-970A1 models use a Cummins Onan four-cylinder inline diesel engine with air cooled compression ignition, producing 27.5 hp.


The M-970 uses 11:00 R20 tires with two tires per side per axle in the rear


The M-970 series includes the following base models:

The M-970 is towed by the following Prime Movers:


Equipped with Filter Separator System which removes water and sediment from fuel; has emergency cut off valve for fuel dispensing; has sheer pins and a spring valve in the underwing refuel hose should the hose separate from the hose reel while in use, preventing fuel from spilling into the deck; equipped with Purple-K fire extinguishers.

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US Military TM 43-0001-31 and TM 11240-15/4B

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