Arclight (DC Comics)

Arclight (DC Comics)


caption=Arclight. Art by Dan Jurgens.
real_name=Noah Pastenetti
publisher=DC Comics
debut="Superman" #103 (August 1995)
creators=Dan Jurgens
powers=thermal Projection, nuclear explosions, nuclear bursts |

Arclight is a Superman villain who appeared in "Superman" #103 named Noah Pastenetti. Pastenetti worked for the mob as a man who would burn buildings as a form of retribution. His love, Alicia Parker worked for a radio talk show in which she revealed his business. The mob, in retaliation, tied Pastenetti to a nuclear plant that they blew up in which he transformed into nuclear energy and must wear a suit to contain it. The suit, as well as the nuclear plant is owned by Lexcorp.

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