Fashion 70's

Fashion 70's

"Fashion 70's" is a South Korea tv series that was aired in SBS network from May 23, 2005 to August 29 2005. It is a dramatic and historic kind of series which consist of 30 episodes.


The story tells about the four people who has the bond relationship during their childhood times when the Korean war was still happening. A twist happened between the two characters which changed their lives when they grew up. As they grew up, the war ended already and eventually each of them has their own lives. Because of fate, the four of them met by chance one by one and didn't know that it was them during their childhood times. Love and fashion will come on their way.


* Lee Yo Won as Han Duh-mi/Ko Joon-hee/Debbie Han/Judith Ko
* Joo Jin Mo as Kim Dong-young/Jeffrey Kim
* Kim Min Jung as Ko Joon-hee/Kang Hee/Judith Ko/Kathryn Han
* Chun Jung Myung as Jang Bin/Vince Jang

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