Balrampur district

Balrampur district

Balrampur district is one of the 70 districts of Uttar Pradesh state in India, and Balrampur town located on the bank of the Rapti is the district headquarters. Balrampur district is a part of Devipatan division. The district is bordered on the north and the northeast by Nepal, on the east by Siddharth Nagar district, on the southeast by Basti district, on the south and the southwest by Gonda district and on the west by Shravasti district.

The district occupies an area of 3457 km2. The population of the district (according to 2001 census) is 16,84,567. The district is at the foothills of the Himalayas and well connected by roads. The district is famous for the ruins of the ancient city of Sravasti which is presently a place of pilgrimage for both the [Buddhist] s and the Jains.

Origin of name

The district is named after the erstwhile princely estate (Taluqdari) and its capital, Balrampur. The name of this estate was derived from its founder Balram Das, who founded it in c.1600 CE.


The territory which the present Balrampur district covers was a part of the ancient Kosala kingdom.

Ancient period

Sravasti was the capital of Uttara (North) Kosala. The ruins of Sahet, ancient Sravasti, spread over an area of 400 acres. Towards the Rapti River, a little north of Sahet, lies the ancient city of Mahet. The fortified entrance to Mahet is made of mud, constructed in a beautiful crescent shape. The Sobhnath temple houses the great Stupas. These Stupas reflect the Buddhist tradition and boast of the history of the monasteries in Balrampur.

Jeetavana monastery, one of the oldest monasteries in the country is said to be one of the favorites sites of Gautam Buddha. It contains the 12th century inscriptions. The site was so religiously significant that the Emperor Ashoka, the great, visited this site. There is also a sacred tree of Peepal nearby. It is said that the tree was grown from a sapling from the original Bodhi Tree at Bodh Gaya.

Gautam Buddha spend 21 rainy season under the sacred Peepal tree.The famous incident of Angulimal happened in forest of Sravasti only, where the cruel dacoit who used to kill people and wear the garland of their fingers, was enlightened by Gautam Buddha

Another site of great religious importance in the city is Sravasti. It is said that Mahavira Jain, the 24th Tirthankara of Jainism, 'influenced' this place. It houses the famous Shwetambar temple.

Medieval period

The area covered by the district was a part of Bahraich Sarkar of Awadh Subah during the Mughal rule. Later, it came under the control of the ruler of Awadh till its annexation in February, 1856 by the British government. British government separated Gonda from Bahraich and it became a part of Gonda.

British and the post-independence period

During the British rule a commissionary was constituted for the administration of this area with its headquarters at Gonda & military command at Sakraura Colonelganj. During this period Balrampur was an Estate (Taluqdari) in Utraula tehsil of Gonda district, which consisted 3 tehsils, Gonda Sadar, Tarabganj and Utraula. After independence, Balrampur estate was merged with Utraula tehsil of Gonda district. On July 1, 1953 the tehsil of Uttraulla was bifurcated into two tehsils, Balrampur and Utraula . In 1987 three new tehsils were created from Gonda Sadar tehsil, namely, Tulsipur, Mankapur and Colonelganj. Later, in 1997 Gonda district was bifurcated into two parts and a new district, Balrampur was born consisting of three tehsils of the northern part of the erstwhile Gonda district, Balarampur, Utraula, and Tulsipur. in balramur district famous palaces or mankapur pachperwa gainsari, rajderwa, chittorgarh jarwa, aunrahwa joorikuinwa chauraha kundaoo baundihar biskohar and bhanbhar.


Balrampur town known for Balrampur Chini Mills, one of the largest sugar manufacturing and polluting industry in the country.


The district has 3 tehsils, Balrampur, Tulsipur and Utraula.

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