La Fea Mas Bella (plot)

La Fea Mas Bella (plot)

This is the plot of La Fea Más Bella.

Here Comes Ugly Lety

"La fea más bella" is based on the Colombian telenovela ("Yo soy Betty, la fea") which debuted in 1999. This new adaptation is one of many versions that were produced around the world, joining those that had gone before it in Russia, India, Germany, and Turkey. Others would soon be produced in the Netherlands, Spain, the U.S., and Greece. These remakes and adaptations make "Yo soy Betty, la fea" one of the most successful telenovelas (Spanish-language soap operas) ever produced.

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This Mexican version tells the story of Leticia Padilla Solís (known simply as 'Lety'), who is played by Angélica Vale. Lety is a kind, intelligent young woman whose advancement in life is severely hindered by her homely appearance. Lety leads a lonely and secluded existence, residing with her overprotective father, Erasmo Padilla (José José), and her loving mother, Julieta Solís (Angélica María, who is Vale's mother in real life). Her only real friend is Tomás Mora (Luis Manuel Ávila), who is essentially her male double. When the story begins, Lety is having difficulty securing a job. Despite having graduated from UNAM, a prestigious university, Lety's talents are overlooked in a job market that values beauty over brains.

Meanwhile, Don Humberto Mendiola (Carlos Bracho), president of "Conceptos" (Concepts), one of Mexico's most important media production firms, announces his plans to retire. Two candidates will subsequently vie for the presidency of the firm: Fernando Mendiola (Jaime Camil), Humberto's son, and Ariel Villarroel (Raúl Magaña), Humberto's foster son. The contest reaches a stalemate. However, when it becomes clear that the tie-breaking vote will fall to Marcia Villarroel (Elizabeth Álvarez), Ariel's sister and Fernando's long-time girlfriend, Fernando decides to propose to her. This move wins Fernando her vote and, much to Ariel's displeasure, Fernando Mendiola is chosen as the new President of "Conceptos".

Meanwhile, Lety is increasingly frustrated because of her inability to secure a good job. She decides to send her résumé to "Conceptos" just as Fernando is about to hire a secretary to start his term. This time, however, in hopes that her appearance does not overshadow her qualifications, she decides not to include a photograph.

This move works in her favor, and she soon receives a call from "Conceptos" for a job interview. On her way to the interview, she stumbles across the first cases of prejudice toward her as she walks in and finds her way to the room where the interview takes place. There, she finds out that her only competitor for the position of executive assistant is Alicia Ferreira (Patricia Navidad), who, despite being rather physically attractive, is grossly unqualified for the job. When they are both interviewed by the womanizing director of human resources Raúl López (Sergio Acosta), Lety realizes that Alicia is likely to land the job purely on account of her looks. Extremely discouraged, she returns home, where she and Tomás sulk over their unsuccessful lives. Tomás also discovers a picture of Alicia. From afar, she quickly becomes the object of his affection.

Back at "Conceptos", Fernando argues with López over his decision to hire Alicia as executive assistant. Alicia happens to be Marcia's best friend and would be likely to report to her on his many love affairs (Fernando is a known casanova). Fernando is left no choice but to call back Lety.

After receiving the good news, Lety returns to "Conceptos", where she falls in love at first sight with Fernando. He, however, regrets having called her back upon setting eyes on her. Forced to choose between Lety and Alicia, Fernando finds himself in a conundrum: not hiring Lety means losing a qualified assistant, while not hiring Alicia means getting an earful from Marcia. Ultimately, he decides to hire them both in order to test who is better qualified for the job.

So as not to affect the company’s image adversely, Fernando (or Don Fernando, more to Lety's liking) hides Lety away in an office behind his — in a room that is actually a storage closet within his own office.

Lety soon proves herself to be trustworthy. Before long, Fernando entrusts her with his "black book", which contains information about all of his love affairs, dates, etc. Marcia, now Fernando's fiancée, soon learns that Lety has this book in her possession. From this point onward, Marcia becomes Lety's sworn enemy, considering her to be an accomplice to Fernando's constant infidelities,

At "Conceptos", Lety initially feels like an outsider, judging herself quite the ugly duckling in comparison to Alicia and the many models who do work for the firm. Soon, however, she meets the so-called cuartel de las feas--or the Ugly Club--a clique of largely middle-class female employees who, not measuring up to the widely-accepted standards of beauty that give women like Alicia such an advantage in society, share many of the problems that Lety faces.

The group's members are: Irmita (Luz María Aguilar), the kind, gentle and matronly assistant of fashion designer and director Luigi Lombardi; Martha (Maribel Fernández), a wife and mother struggling with her weight; Lola (Rosita Pelayo), a hot-tempered woman trying to win back her husband, who recently left her for a younger woman; Paula María (Niurka Marcos), a sassy young girl and single mother constantly in search of a rich husband; Sara (Raquel Garza), an unusually tall woman whose height hinders (in her opinion) her search for love; and Juana (Gloria Izaguirre), the young and good-humored cleaning lady who surprisingly is the only one who doesn't complain all the time.

With the help of the Club, Lety eventually becomes Don Fernando's right hand, falling in love with him in the process. She is soon permanently instated as executive assistant.

Alicia, on the other hand, is constantly plagued by financial troubles on account of her taste for luxuries that she cannot afford.

"Filmo Imagen" is Born

In the meantime, business at "Conceptos" is slow. Wishing to follow through on his promise to double the company's capital in a short span of time, but lacking the necessary experience to do it, Fernando undertakes projects that leave "Conceptos" deeper in debt. When the banks threaten to seize "Conceptos", Fernando devises a plan: he asks Lety to create a dummy company which would appear to acquire "Conceptos" but in fact leave it in Fernando's control, though Lety's ownership. Both Lety and Fernando are conscious of the illegality of such an undertaking.

By this point, Lety is wholly infatuated with Fernando and decides to look the other way regarding her boss's unethical business practices. Not hesitating to get herself embroiled in this illegal undertaking, she creates a dummy company called "Filmo Imagen" and hires Tomás as its general manager. His task will be to invest the company's funds, which he does adeptly with the aid of Lety's father.

Before the first general board meeting--during which the firm's finances are to be reviewed by its stockholders--Fernando asks Lety to doctor various balance sheets so as to conceal the acquisition of "Conceptos" by "Filmo Imagen". Lety follows her boss's orders without hesitation.

Before long, however, Tomás begins bragging about his new position as manager of "Filmo Imagen". This bragging indirectly comes to Fernando's attention. He and his vice president, Omar Carvajal (Agustín Arana), who also happens to be Fernando's best friend, fear that Tomás and Lety might make use of their position of power over "Conceptos" to take over the firm. In order to avoid such an outcome, Omar suggests that Fernando attempt to seduce Lety, not having realized that she is already in love with him.

The Romance Begins

Fernando reluctantly agrees to tell Lety that he is in love with her, which is a lie. Blinded by love, Lety believes Fernando and the two begin to date, but keep the relationship a secret. Fernando insists Lety to lie to everyone that Tomas is her boyfriend.

Ignoring his true feelings for her, Fernando is disgusted because he is going out with Lety, but keeps on doing it to "save" his enterprise. Despite Omar's ugly comments about Lety's appearance, Fernando makes love with Lety. Lety completely gives herself passionately to Fernando and he finally finds out what true love really is, and that his love for Marcia is an illusion. Because of this, Fernando promises Lety he will cancel his marriage to Marcia as soon as the second Committee Meeting is over, conscious that in fact he will not be able to do it, although he wishes to do it.

On a visit to a wax museum, Fernando and Lety grab some robes and hide in some dark corner of the building, almost getting caught together by Alicia and Marcia. That night, the two of them spend another night together in Omar's apartment, while he's busy spending the night in some other women's apartment himself.

Business at "Conceptos" improves thanks to Lety, and soon they get an invitation to produce a sports wear commercial in Germany because of the 2006 FIFA World Cup. Seeing that he and Marcia have to travel to Germany to oversee the production of the commercial while Fernando stays in Mexico, Omar leaves an instruction sheet in which he describes thoroughly the instructions Fernando must follow to keep Lety in love, reminding him their motives so he does not give up, cheering him up and telling him his "routine of horror" is to end as soon as Lety disguises the balance sheet for the second Committee Meeting, after which Fernando will finally marry Marcia. Of course, the letter is unnecessary, for Fernando already loves Lety and does not need any convincing to keep on doing it.

While in the city of Hannover, Germany, Fernando and Lety visit a soccer game and unknown to them, they are being watched by TV cameras and back in Mexico, everyone from the Club to Alicia is watching them on the televisions. Luckily, only Omar notices them.

"I Was for Him What He Was for Me"

Unfortunately, Lety discovers this letter accidentally which completely shatters the world around her. Broken hearted, Lety thinks (mistakenly) that Fernando has played with her the whole time and that he will not cancel his wedding after all. After she goes through a mourning phase during which all her happiness and joy for life seem to fade, Lety decides not to disguise the balance sheet at the Committee Meeting as a revenge. Meanwhile, she plans to pretend she still loves Don Fernando, so he does not suspect anything. She puts all of Fernando's presents in a garbage bag.

At the same time, Alicia, whose monetary problems are now really serious, discovers that Lety has a very rich "boyfriend" (Tomás) and starts looking for him. Tomás is amazed by this, and with his dream finally coming true, he does not mind being "unfaithful" to Lety. Lety finds out about Tomás' relationship with Alicia and would not have had any problems with it had Alicia not been her sworn enemy at Conceptos.

Fernando, who is now totally in love with Lety, decides to indeed cancel his wedding after the Meeting. For he realizes, he would not be happy with Marcia. However, he senses that Lety is not as loving as she was before. He tries desperately to win her back, but thinks her heart now belongs to Tomás (who has been pretending to be her boyfriend ever since Fernando asked them). Fernando finally gets jealous, to the point of getting in a fight with Tomás.

Carolina Ángeles (Nora Salinas), "Conceptos"' public promoter, discovers Lety and Fernando's affair. Carolina proposes that Lety quit "Conceptos" and travel with her, which Lety plans to do just after the Committee Meeting.

Lety asks Tomás to prepare to quit "Filmo Imagen", as she is planning to deliver the company at the Committee Meeting alongside her letter of resignation. She also tells him to end his relationship with Alicia Ferreira, who only wants him because of the money he will forfeit upon his termination.

However, Lety briefly surrenders to Fernando's supplications and reconsiders disguising the balance sheets. But all that vanishes when she overhears a conversation between Fernando and Omar in which they discuss where they will send Lety after the Meeting (to protect her, although she does not know this). So, she presents the real balance sheet at the Meeting.

Humberto, Fernando's father, expresses his disappointment for Fernando's handling of the enterprise, and asks Fernando and Omar to resign the enterprise. During the Meeting, Lety presents her letter of resignation to Marcia, who is angry at her for ruining the empire.

Lety retrieves her belongings from her "office" and gets ready to leave, but is stopped by Marcia, who insists on seeing what is inside Lety's garbage bag. Marcia then discovers Fernando's unfaithfulness and Lety explains what he did and why he did it, and asks Marcia to forgive her.

Problems while at Paradise

Lety finally leaves "Conceptos" for good and travels by airplane to Acapulco (A.K.A, Miami of Mexico) with Carolina, becoming her personal assistant in supervising the development of the Nuestra Belleza Mexico beauty pageant. At the airport, Carolina is surprised to see Lety's arm in a cast but promises Erasmo and Julieta that she will take care of their "baby". There they toast for the sake of leaving Lety's past behind and for the changes that await her.

Meanwhile, Fernando drives to the Padilla house in search of Lety, but she told her parents not to tell anyone where she is. Tomás tells Fernando in no uncertain terms that Lety wants nothing to do with him.

However, Lety feels she does not fit in that world of beauties. So, after telling Carolina she wishes to leave, Lety visits the Acapulco sea for the last time. She nearly drowns there, but is rescued by Aldo (Juan Soler), a charming and good-looking chef. Lety mistakes him for a fisherman, who befriends her and increases her self-esteem. After that, Lety decides not to leave after all.

Aldo gradually changes Lety's view of the world and teaches her that what matters is not the "wrapper", but what is inside.

Back in Mexico, Fernando just can't forget Lety. That weakness makes him more careless about his commitment to "Conceptos", which makes his father even more displeased with him.

Aldo discovers he is in love with Lety and tries to win her heart, but Lety still loves Fernando unwillingly.

Meanwhile, business at "Conceptos" does not go well, as Humberto struggles to get his enterprise out of financial trouble. The "Conceptos" staff believes Lety wants to keep both enterprises for herself, which makes Fernando wonder whether Lety is really worth being in love with.

Fearful about getting sued, Tomás phones Lety, telling her she has to return to Mexico to clear everything up. Lety refuses, saying she has commitments to Carolina, and tells Tomás to go to "Conceptos" himself instead. He does it reluctantly - fearful of Alicia - and tells Humberto and the staff that Lety does not intend to keep "Conceptos", but they do not believe him. He returns a few times after with his lawyers, Mr. Sánchez and Mr. Rosales to try and fix everything up. Tomás's lawyers were also the same men from the banks, who were planning on seizing "Conceptos"

Troubled by his conflicting feelings, Fernando drives semi-unconsciously out of México and reaches Acapulco, where he visits a bar. He gets drunk and starts a fight with a bunch of wrestlers, who almost kill him. Fortunately, Marcia - who followed him to Acapulco by airplane - arrives at the bar and drives him back to her home at Mexico, where she heals his wounds.

There, Fernando realizes he "might" still feel something about Marcia and goes back with her.

Throughout "Nuestra Belleza", Lety and Aldo's relationship evolves slowly until it becomes "a great friendship". Lety manages to solve a model's self-confidence conflicts and helps Aldo overcome the death of his wife (which happened some years ago) and reunites him with his father. All these experiences help Lety realize the great potential she has and how much she is really worth.

Seeing all the problems Lety and Tomás are going through, and seeking an explanation, Julieta reads the diary Lety left behind and learns about Lety and Fernando's affair and how her daughter was treated at "Conceptos".

Desperate to get his enterprise back, Humberto urges Fernando to contact Lety and to get back on good terms with her, threatening with suing her. Not knowing what to do, he calls Lety's home, but Julieta, knowing what he made Lety do, challenges him to talk to Erasmo and to tell him what he did. Feeling the growing pressure from his father and the "Conceptos" staff, Fernando contacts Erasmo, but tries to tell him very little.

Puzzled, Erasmo visits Humberto at "Conceptos" and explains the whole situation to him (at least what "he" knows). Humberto agrees not to sue Lety and Erasmo vows that, apart from legal situations, they will never have to have anything to do with his daughter again.

Big Changes at "Conceptos"

Lety returns to Mexico City with a seashell Aldo gave her and a picture of them both, proud, confident, and definitely changed.

The situation changes, however, when the "Conceptos" committee sees no other solution than to liquidate their stock to keep the enterprise afloat and to beg Lety NOT to give them "Conceptos" back after all, to avoid bankruptcy. Humberto and his lawyers see no other way out other than making Lety President of "Conceptos". They also make Tomas vice-president to make Lety feel comfortable.

Lety and Fernando, along with Tomás's lawyers, go to a judge who says that Lety and Fernando will be partners to take "Conceptos" out of debt, which added up to an amount of around six and a half million dollars, not pesos.

Aldo then comes to work at "Conceptos" after Carolina introduces Luigi to him and Luigi develops a crush on him. Fernando becomes jealous of Aldo because he senses that Lety has fallen in love with him. With this thought, Fernando becomes even more stressed and Aldo comes to hate Fernando and gets a wrong impression on Marcia. Alicia thinks that she will marry Aldo, but actually Aldo doesn't even like Alicia. Tomas, who has loved Alicia since he set his eyes on her picture, becomes upset when he hears that. He confronts Aldo, but when he discovers that Aldo doesn't like Alicia, he and Aldo become good friends. All this time Aldo is in love with Lety, but he doesn't tell her, so when Lety tells him that Fernando is still in her thoughts and she may still have feeling for him, he becomes upset. Also, Lety tells her friends all about her relationship with Fernando and Aldo.

Fernando gets so jealous that he gets in a fight with Aldo for Lety, however everyone believes that the fight is just to save his company and not for Lety. Marcia also gets jealous that they both are fighting for Lety. Lety gets sad because she doesn't know what to do and goes to talk to Tomás.

Fernando then goes on a trip to New York while Marcia goes to London. Before Fernando leaves to his trip, he follows Lety into a restaurant where Ariel is waiting for Lety to speak about business. Fernando becomes very jealous but then finally manages to find Lety outside and starts talking to her about what has happened. Fernando tells Lety that he is going on a trip and that when he returns, he will show her how much he loves her. Fernando tells Omar that while he's gone, to keep Lety away from Aldo and to make sure that Lety doesn't forget about him. Also, to send him pictures of Lety constantly so that she can "be with him" always.


While in New York, Fernando tries to get a taxi when he runs into this beautiful woman named Carla (Mariana Seoane). They are astounded when they meet. After, they both go their separate ways. Fernando takes a taxi and meets up with some business people to talk about their current project with "Conceptos". He is surprised to see Karla walk in and to find out that she is part of the team that he will be working with.

The small chance of romance with Karla does not last long, however, not even when Karla attempts to seduce Fernando. Fernando doesn't give in to the temptations because he still loves Lety. He tells Karla that he does not want to be with her and on the same night breaks up with Marcia. Meanwhile, Fernando and Aldo are still competing for the love of Lety. Fernando tells Lety's mother that he is in love with Lety, and later confesses that to his own mother. Back at the office events take a most peculiar turn... Alicia is made president and immediately puts the full power of her charms to have Tomas disburse substantial company funds to her. Needless to say, her reign in office is brief.

Omar never lets up on calling Lety horrible names, which one day gets Fernando, who is in an especially bad mood, into a fight with him. The fight goes on to outside of the office and up into the faces of half the company. In the end, Omar declares himself gone from the place and Fernando is short an assistant.

Luigi extravagantly wastes money redecorating the offices and producing a gala for the debut of Aldo's new cookbook. This burdens "Conceptos" with an even larger debt. Just as Lety is about to lose everything Aldo steps in and pays the debt. But Fernando tries to buy "Conceptos" by selling all his belongings. Ariel tries to gain the presidency of Conceptos while Lety is gone, but Aldo stops him by declaring himself the new owner of Conceptos.

Before Aldo paid Lety's debt however, there was a short span of time in which it seemed that Lety and Fernando were going to restart their relationship again, for she heard from both Julieta and strangely, Marcia, that he truly has been in love with her for the longest time. They are kissing in the 'President's Office', when Aldo suddenly steps in and abruptly ends their kiss, and for now, their relationship. Lety then tries to decide between Aldo and Fernando.

After Omar promises to let up on his insults to Lety, the company forgives him and he is rehired, though in truth he wasn't just yet ready to let up on his trivialities just yet.

At that time Aldo starts to write a sequel to his cookbook along with a lady named Carmina. She trys to seduce him and almost does but in the end she fails.

Carolina changes Lety's look by turning her into a 1940's style, film noir femme fatale, whom she called "Aurora" who is from Brazil (also an allusion to the original name of Betty). Omar falls in love with Aurora (without knowing it was Lety) and tries to seduce her, failing in all attempts.

But trouble follows Aurora. Omar signs a contract with Senor Jacques for a project which must star Aurora. Aurora refuses and Senor Jacques threatens "Conceptos" with a huge lawsuit which will bankrupt them. This gets Omar fired. Aurora/Lety doesn't want to do the project but finally submits to save the company.

When Alicia's financial troubles earn her an eviction notice she decides to date Tomas, and eventually they get married in a beautiful ceremony. She begins stealing money to buy jewellery and other extravagances while telling her new husband that her father has been buying these items.

"Here come the brides"

While Omar is trying to seduce Aurora, he tries to convince Carolina, Aurora's friend, to help him out. Carolina secretly falls in love with Omar.

Fernando eventually discovers Lety's secret and asks her to marry him, but she turns down his proposal and accepts Aldo's. But even so Fernando still loves Lety.

Carolina tries to convince Omar to forget about Aurora, but fails. One night, Omar goes to Carolina's house after being put down by Aurora and he falls in love with Carolina. They make love.Carolina is let down by Omar because he won't tell her that he loves her. Omar tries to show his love by buying her things, but Carolina wants to hear his love, so she does not think he loves her.

Marcia one day stumbles across Celso, cleaning Alicia's new red car. He tells her that the red color contains a lot of force in it. After that, Marcia begins to date a man while she's simultaneously having a secret admirer who has been writing her love notes.

Omar buys Carolina some jewelry and prepares to go to her house. Carolina is at her house when she has a power outage and she calls an electrician to help her out. The next morning Omar goes to her house when he hears Carolina and a man(the electrician) talking. They are talking about how he helped Carolina's power come back on, but Omar thinks they made love. He leaves and is cold with Carolina, who gives up on Omar. While Aldo is directing a new series of books, he meets a girl named Carmina. Carmina immediately falls in love with Aldo and tries to seduce him, bringing tension to Aldo and Lety's relationship. When Fernando finds out that that Aldo is causing Lety to be hurt, he fights with Aldo and Lety decides to postpone her wedding with him. They eventually reunite because of Fernando's sacrifice of sending Lety flowers under Aldo's name.

Simon enters "Conceptos" having graduated from a computation class, and presents it to "El Club", Lety, and Fernando, who act at first as if they don't care, but end up showing him to an office that they had planned for him, and promote him to "Computer Coordinator", which gains Paula-María's attention. Simon asks her to marry him and several days later, they get married in a wedding that takes place at his apartment block and at the end, the two happily leave on their honeymoon, with fireworks exploding overhead.

During the party, Omar and Carolina are avoiding each other and Fernando and Lety lock them into a room together. Omar and Carolina talk things out and Omar tells Carolina that he loves her. They kiss.

After Paula Maria and Simon leave, Efrén is arrested for not sending two month's worth of the money he was supposed to send and is later visited by Lola in where they have a short talk. Yazmín follows a moment later and gets Lola to leave. Yazmín then tells Efrén that she was only with him because of his money and dumps him on the spot. When he left jail, Efrén finds Lola and invites her to eat at a taco restaurant, where the two get over their arguments and declare themselves friends from then on. He promises to her that now he is out of jail, he will return home and send them the money he owes.

Lety is invited to a restaurant to eat with Aldo, while she has to also eat with Jacques and some man called Walter i-forgot-his-last-name (a running joke for this character was that Fernando and Lety had to read the name off a piece of paper to remember it), at the same restaurant. She, Fernando, and Tomás plan for her to eat at the same place, while checking she goes to the restroom to alternate between Lety and Aurora, getting more and more drunk each visit out. She finally leaves one last time for Aldo entirely drunk wearing Lety's coat, hair, and shoes, but having Aurora's makeup, dress, and not wearing her glasses.

Aldo realizes Aurora is Lety and gets very angry with her, thinking she had deceived him and leaves for Acapulco. Jacques is very excited about Lety being Aurora and publishes an article about that, which is when all of Conceptos realizes Lety's secret; everyone then truly starts accepting Lety for who she is after she taught them the lessons they learned in the disguise of Aurora. Carmina tells Lety that Aldo went to Acapulco to live with her. Fernando knows that is not the truth. While at Acapulco, Aldo gains control of his new restaaurant, but is not happy without Lety.

Luigi receives a call from Irmita who informs him that his mother is dying and wishes to see him, but Luigi declines. A heartbroken Lety convinces Luigi that he should go, despite the differences with his father.

Fernando tries to get Lety back any way possible and he confesses to Lety's mother that he proposed to Lety, but she declined. He gives up and discovers Lety will only be happy with Aldo.

Luigi and Lety arrive at the hospital where Luigi's mother is and there Luigi's father accepts him the way he is. Then a nurse informs him that his mother has suddenly recovered and the family is reunited again. Luigi rewards Lety by changing her look, again becoming another new Lety, surprising everyone, including her father, who asks her if she's going to return to being Aurora. She answers with a 'no' and says that her new appearance is to remain; she never plans to turn back into 'Lety La Fea'. This throws everyone of "Conceptos's" into a state of happiness and Luigi tells everyone, including himself, to give a cheer for Lety because of her appearance change, and the fact she's going to keep it.

Alicia learns the password of the "Conceptos" bank account, finding out it was her name to begin with, and steals the one million dollars that Jacques gave to the company using Tomas's computer and makes preparations to leave for Switzerland, though she is starting to realize that she will miss Tomás once she leaves, and seems rather unsure. She tells him she's going there, because the doctor she's going to see is there and that she doesn't want to go to any other doctor. When Alicia gets to the airport, she finds out that her passport is expired and she faints. She finds out that she is pregnant and returns to Tomas in tears. Partly because she could not go, partly because she is pregnant,and partly because she feels guilty that she stole the money from Conceptos and Tomas is being accused.

Fernando goes to Acapulco and tells Aldo that he proposed to Lety, but she refused and would only remain happy at Aldo's side. The two finally start respecting each other (in a way).

Lety and Aldo prepare plans for their wedding in Monterrey after Aldo tells Lety what Fernando did.

Marcia receives yet another love letter, when her boyfriend enters "Conceptos" and is shown into Marcia's office. He asks her out after their meeting.

It's Aldo's and Lety's wedding day, they are about to marry when Fernando enters and interrupts the ceremony, but Omar and Tomas get him to leave. Fernando manages to escape again to interrupt the wedding in the middle of the kiss, so Lety has to choose between Fernando and Aldo...

Aldo or Fernando (Series Finale)

Lety chooses Aldo but in the end she decides for Fernando. She suddenly wakens from a nightmare.

Lety tells Fernando about it and Fernando tells her that the dream represents what she really wants, so Lety begins to have doubts about marrying Aldo.

Tomás finds out that Alicia was lying to him about visiting the doctor and also learns she was getting Celso to play as some doctor who never existed that Alicia was supposedly visiting all this time called "Celso Camasutra". Tomás hangs up on him and feels betrayed by Alicia.

Tomas finds out about Alicia's deed and accuses her of the theft of the money, but Ariel arrives with the police and accuses Tomas of the robbery, with Tomás taking the blame in order to protect Alicia. Tomas runs away with Lety, with the police close behind them. Alicia, realizing how much Tomas loves her for taking the responsibility of the robbery, decides to return the money and confess to Tomas how much she loves him.

Fernando and Aldo begin to fight but when they see that the police are chasing Lety they follow her on motorcycles, but they begin to fight again along the way. Marcia realizes that her secret admirer is the same guy that she was dating. (Fernando and Aldo were imitating the role of Pedro Infante and his motorcycle partner in the movie "A Toda Maquina", since the 50th anniversary of Pedro Infante's death was in April and the finale of the novela was in February for Mexico.)

The police catch Tomas, but Alicia arrives to save him. Tomas tells her that he doesn't love her anymore. Aldo and Fernando fall off a cliff while fighting, but don't get hurt.

Alicia says goodbye to Tomas and Tomas lets her go without knowing that she loves him. Fernando finally repays Aldo the debt he owed him and he regains the presidency of Conceptos, but he then decides to give the job to Marcia and announces he will be leaving. Lety officially transfers the presidency to Marcia and the two finally become friends.

Lety says goodbye to Marcia and they hug. As Fernando leaves, as he is announcing in front of the "Conceptos" building how much he loves lety, Aldo arrives and tells Lety that she has to read Fernando's diary. After Lety reads the diary she confesses she is in love with Fernando and asks Aldo if she can marry Fernando instead. He approves, but when Lety runs to look for Fernando, he already has left and Aldo has too when she turns around to thank him.

Tomas finds Alicia in the graveyard at her father's tomb, where she confesses she is in love with Tomas and that they will have a baby. Sara adopts a child.

Lety goes with Marcia, who tells her that Fernando has left. Martha informs Lety that Fernando is still in the airport, so she tries to catch him, but fails to reach him in time. Martha sends a message to the pilot, who informs Fernando that Lety is in love with him, so he decides to leave the airplane. Lety goes to the hotel where she and Fernando consummated their relationship the first time and then Fernando suddenly arrives and proposes and she accepts.

The happy couple go to Lety's house to announce their engagement where Fernando explains how he got off the plane. Lety and Fernando decide to marry in Monterrey, where Aldo and Lety were supposed to wed.

At the wedding everybody expects Aldo, but Fernando arrives instead. Lety and Fernando realize that Aldo was an angel who helped to keep them together and they finally get married.

In Acapulco, Aldo saves a boy who lost his parents and he befriends the kid, who calls Aldo an angel.

The series ends with Lety and Fernando learning that the exterior is not the most important thing, but rather what is inside. They kiss and the novela is ended with a thanks to the fans and a concert.

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  • I Love Betty La Fea — Format Dramedy, Drama, Comedy Created by Fernando Gaitán Directed by …   Wikipedia

  • Ugly Betty — Genre Comedy drama Created by Fernando Gaitán Developed by …   Wikipedia

  • Telenovela — Die Telenovela (spanisch telenovela [ˌtelenoˈβela], Fernsehroman, in brasilianischem Portugiesisch Novela[1]) ist eine spezielle Form der Fernsehserie, welche aus Lateinamerika stammt. Seit den 1980er Jahren sind Telenovelas auch in anderen… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Ne daj se, Nina — Format Soap opera Created by Fernando Gaitán Country of origin Croatia, Serbia No. of episodes 52 …   Wikipedia

  • East Side Story (Ugly Betty episode) — Infobox Television episode | Title = East Side Story Series = Ugly Betty Season = 1 Episode = 23 Guests= Kristin Chenoweth Angelica Vale Airdate = May 17, 2007 Production = 123 Writer = Silvio Horta Marco Pennette Director = James Hayman Episode… …   Wikipedia

  • Yo amo a Juan Querendón — Infobox Television show name = Yo Amo A Juan Querendón format = Telenovelas runtime = 60 minutes producer = Marco Vinicio executive producer = Mapat L. de Zatarain starring = Eduardo Santamarina, Mayrín Villanueva theme music composer = Ruben… …   Wikipedia

  • A Tree Grows in Guadalajara — Infobox Television episode | Title = A Tree Grows in Guadalajara Series = Ugly Betty Season = 1 Episode = 22 Guests= Airdate = May 10, 2007 Production = 122 Writer = Tracy Poust Jon Kinnally Director = Lev L. Spiro Episode list = Episode… …   Wikipedia

  • Lobo Hokey — El lobo Hokey es un personaje de Hanna Barbera que apareció por primera vez como un segmento en El Show de Huckleberry Hound el 11 de septiembre de 1960. Contó con 29 cortos que remplazaron a los del Oso Yogi en este show. El tema musical de este …   Wikipedia Español

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