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bebe tv is a children's television channel, which was launched in October 2007 on UPC Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Czech Republic. Since the launch in 2007, the services are present also in Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Malta, Cyprus, Lithuania, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg.

"Philosophy of bebe tv"

1. Learning in amusement

- bebe tv suplies every age group with possibilities for recognition - the youngest children can hear ringing bells and some nice music and moving shapes that are similar to their experience with little toys hanging above their bed- older children can recognize different animals, vehicles or situations. bebe tv finds it also very important to show a variety of relationships between the characters, for example mother-child relationship, friends, etc. Children can learn all this unconsciously while watching bebe tv

2. The joy of learning

- a programming philosophy which utilizes the latest innovations in the development of cognitive capabilities - delivers programming which has a positive emotional and educational impact on little viewers

3. Broad range of animation - a very important factor in addition to the content is the rhyme and the movement of the animation for the sake of appropriate attention. Children basically like primary colors and changing pictures- the design of the program is an animation with vivid colors and fast movements mixed with more calm and relaxing episodes, for the purpose of not exposing children to too much stimulus. These types of animations calm and relax children

"The basics of bebe tv"

The channel could best be described as an"edutainment" channel.The target audience is children from 6 to 36 months old.bebe tv aim to provide programming that amuses as well as educates the viewers and helps to develop viewer’s visual and auditory capabilities.The programming contains approximately 90% “ educational ” material, 10% jingles and station ID-s (as dividing elements). The blocks are differentiated by their main genres, some have stronger educational character, others are more entertaining in order to provide relaxation.

bebe tv develops understanding and thinking.bebe tv recognizes toddlers have some sense of the correspondence between TV and reality.bebe tv also provides several well-chosen sounds effects in the animation. Although characters do not speak they supply special sounds effects that help children understand the story easier.bebe tv airs only such programs that are suitable for the age group and it avoids any harmful stimuli.

With bebe tv’s little stories the programme creates a learning tool which functions in a „stealth-mode” - teaching while entertaining. Similarly, teenagers have several such software products available to them, which aid them in their studies while providing entertainment.

The programmer introduces, after almost year and a half from launching bebe tv, another channel for toddlers, bebe tv HD.bebe tv HD, as the first channel for toddlers in Europe, brings 100% high definition programming.bebe tv HD is the stand alone programme with different scheduling as bebe tv in SD has. Both services are using the same programming library.

bebe tv HD provides warmer colours, deeper details, sharper pictures, amazing stories and resonant sound with multi-channel audio in Dolby Digital 5.1.bebe tv HD fulfils all “full HD“ quality parametres of all animation and cartoons - 8Mbits/s, 1080i/25 with 1920 pixels horizontal resolution.bebe tv HD – more programmes, more education, more relaxation, more fun.bebe tv HD continues to produce the content under the supervision of the child psychologists based on the most recent studies and research in the fields of cognitive development and child psychology.bebe tv HD broadcasts via Eurobird 9, 9 Degrees East ( hello HD DTH platform ).bebe tv HD is on air 14 hours a day, from 6.00 to 20.00 hours.

bebe tv is also entering the new era of mobile television. As the first European channel for the youngest viewers, bebe tv is ready to distribute its live streamed programmes also on mobile phones.

bebe tv Mobile is powered from Norway in cooperation with rubberduck media lab.rubberduck media lab manages bebe tv Mobile live service with converting and adapting, wap site managing and billing.

bebe tv Mobile is targeting the mobile providers, their mobile tv services and mobile customers themselves.

bebe tv Mobile is on air 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. links

* [ Official site]
* [ Official site]
* [ Official site]
* [ Official site]

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