Howell (surname)

Howell (surname)

Howell is a surname (family name or last name) originating from the British Isles. It is a common name among those of Welsh ancestry, as it is an anglicized form of the Welsh name Hywel, which means "eminent" in the Welsh language. "See:" Welsh surnames.

The name Howell may refer to many people:


*Abner Howell (1744-1797), American captain in Revolutionary War
*Alice Howell (1886-1961), American silent movie actress
*Anthony Howell (b. 1971), English TV actor
*Arlene Howell (b. 1935), American TV actress


*Bailey Howell (b. 1937), American basketball player
*Becket (or Beckett) K. Howell, American Naval Officer
*Benjamin Franklin Howell (1844-1933), American Republican politician


*C. Thomas Howell (b. 1966), American actor
*Carla Howell (b. 1955), American Libertarian politician
*Charles Howell (1905–1974), British Labour politician and member of Parliament
*Charles Howell III (b. 1979), American golf player
*Charles R. Howell (1904-1973), American politician and member of the House of Representatives
*Charmaine Howell (b. 1975), Jamaican athlete
*Christopher Howell (b. ca. 1946), American poet
*Clark Howell (1863–1936), American newspaper man and politician


*David Howell (disambiguation)
*Deborah Howell (b. 1941), American journalist
*Denis Howell (1923-1998), British Labour politician
*Dixie Howell (1920-1990), American baseball catcher
*Dixie Howell (1920-1960), American baseball pitcher
*Dorothy Howell (b. 1919), American mother of Hillary Rodham Clinton


*Edward H. Howell (1915-1994), American jurist
*Evan Howell (1839–1905), American politician, early telegraph operator and officer in the Confederate Army


*Francis Howell (1625–1679), Principal of Jesus College, Oxford
*Francis Clark Howell (1925-2007), American anthropologist


*George Howell (disambiguation)
*Gerran Howell (b. 1991), Welsh actor
*Gwynne Howell (b. 1938), British opera singer


*Hannah Howell (b. 1950), American romance novelist
*Harry Howell (1876-1956), American baseball player
*Harry Howell (b. 1932), Canadian ice hockey player
*Henry Howell (1920-1997), American Democratic politician


*Ian Howell (b. 1958), South African cricket umpire


*Jack Howell (b. 1961), American baseball player
*James Howell (c.1594-1666), British writer
*James B. Howell (1816-1880), U.S. Senator
*Jay Howell (b. 1955), American baseball player
*Jeremiah B. Howell (1771-1822), U.S. Senator from Rhode Island
*John Howell (b. 1978), Amerian football player
*John Adams Howell (1840-1918), American naval officer
*John Michael Howell, British Member of Parliament
*John N. Howell (1807-1882), mayor of Shreveport, Louisiana, 1844
*J. P. Howell (b. 1983), American baseball player


*Kaitlin Howell (b. 1989), Canadian actress
*Ken Howell (b. 1960), American baseball player


*Leonard Howell (1898-1981), Jamaican religious figure, founder of Rastafari movement
*Leonard Howell (1848-1895), Wanderers and England footballer
*Llorne Howell (b. 1972), New Zealand cricketer


*Matilda Howell (1859-1939), American archer


*Nancy R. Howell (b. ca. 1955), American educator



*Pat Howell (b. 1957), American football player
*Peg Leg Howell (1888-1966), American blues singer and guitarist
*Peter Howell (b. ca. 1936), British actor
*P.A. (Peter Anthony) Howell (b. 1938), Australian historian
*Peter Howell (b. ca. 1948), British musician and composer
*Philip Howell (b. ca. 1988), British pianist and songwriter



*Raby Howell (1869-1937), British footballer
*Rhys Howell (b. 1984), British Artist
*Richard Howell (1754-1802), American politician; governor of New Jersey from 1794 to 1802
*Robert B. Howell (1864-1933), American Republican politician

*Scott Howell (b. 1959), American conservative political consultant


*Thomas Bayly Howell (1767-1815), English lawyer and writer who lent his name to Howell's State Trials



*Valma Howell (1896–1979), Australian artist
*Varina Howell (1826-1906), First Lady of the Confederate States of America; wife of CSA President Jefferson Davis
*Verdun Howell (b. 1936), Australian rules footballer
*Vernon Howell (1959-1993), American leader of Branch Davidians religious sect


*W. Nathaniel Howell (b. 1939), U.S. Ambassador to Kuwait, 1987-1991
*William Howell (1869-1940), Australian cricketer
*William Roe Howell (1846-1890), New York City photographer of the 1870s
*William T. Howell (1810–1870), American jurist and politician




King of Wales

*Howell the Good (ca. 880?–950)

Others named Howell

*Bernard Howell Leach (1887-1979), British studio potter
*David Howell Evans (b. 1961), British-born musician
*Howell Cobb (1815-1868), American political figure
*Howell Davis (ca. 1690-1719), Welsh pirate
*Howell Harris (1714-1773), Welsh leader of Methodist revival in the 18th century
*Howell Heflin (1921-2005), American Democratic politician
*Howell Edmunds Jackson (1832–1895), American jurist and politician

Fictional characters

*Brutus "Brutal" Howell, prison guard played by David Morse in "The Green Mile"
*Claire Howell, prison guard played by Kristin Rohde on TV's "Oz"
*Thurston Howell, III, millionaire played by Jim Backus on TV's "Gilligan's Island"
*Lovey Howell, wife of Thurston, played by Natalie Schafer on "Gilligan's Island"

Legendary King of Brittany

*Hoel, whose name is sometimes spelled as Howel

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