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Sew Fast Sew Easy

company_name = Sew Fast/Sew Easy, Inc.
company_type = Private
company_slogan = Follow us into the future.
foundation = 1991
location_city = flagicon|USA 147 West 35th Street, Suite 807, New York, New York, USA 10001
key_people = Elissa Meyrich, Creative Director & Gregory Garvin, Vice President
products = Online Video Learning, Sewing Patterns, Sewing Machines, Sewing, Knitting, Crochet Education and Products
homepage = [ Sew Fast Sew Easy]

Sew Fast Sew Easy is a corporation based in New York City, that is best known for sewing classes, sewing patterns and sewing books. It was founded in 1991 by Elissa K. Meyrich, a designer in New York City’s garment district for over 26 years, an instructor at Parsons School of Design, author and contributing writer to sewing publications. The company claims to have created NYC's first Stitch and Bitch group cite news | last = Yun | first = Helen| title = NYC's Best: Craft Stores| work =|date=2007-12-13| url = | accessdate = 2007-12-17] in 1997. cite news | last = Elsworth | first = Catherine | title = It's getting bitchy in knitting circles | work = |date=2006-11-02 | url = | accessdate = 2007-05-25 ] The company started an internet guestbook, the "Stitch and Bitch Cafe", in 1998. cite paper |author=United States Patent and Trademark Office | title = Serial Number: 76026522 | publisher = Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Inquiry System | date = November 28 2007 | url = |accessdate=2007-11-28]

Brands marketed by Sew Fast/Sew Easy include:
*Sew Fast Sew Easy sewing classes, books, and patterns.
*Stitch & Bitch and Stitch & Bitch Cafe sewing and knitting products.

Company timeline

*1991 - Opened the first Sew Fast Sew Easy classes held in a small studio in New York City.
*1992 – Sew Fast Sew Easy opens a full service sewing center with knitting and crochet classes, sewing notions, patterns and machines.
*1994 - "New York Newsday" features an article on Sew Fast Sew Easy entitled “It's SEW Soothing”. [Diana Morrill. "It's Sew Soothing." "New York Newsday." 2 March 1994. S1, S4.]
*1995 – Sew Fast Sew Easy creates its first computer fit made-to-measure sewing patterns.
*1996 – "The New York Post" features an article in which Sew Fast Sew Easy in which its classes are described as being "on the cutting edge". [Patricia Jacobs. "A Sewing Class that's on the Cutting Edge." "The New York Post." 26 February 1996. 27.]
*1997 – "The New York Times" publishes an article discussing Sew Fast Sew Easy’s computer fit made-to-measure patterns. cite news | last = Owens | first = Mitchell | title = Sewing: 30 Million Women Can't Be Wrong | work = New York Times|date=1997-03-02 | url = | accessdate = 2007-10-15] "Burda Mode" magazine labels Elissa Meyrich a “PowerFrau” (powerhouse).Fact|date=December 2007 "The New York Times" features the company in an article. [Christine Muhlke. "Sewing Circles." "The New York Times." 21 June 1998.] Sew Fast Sew Easy creates its first Stitch and Bitch Nights in New York City.
*1998 – The online forum, Stitch & Bitch Café, along with the Sew Fast Sew Easy website are started. Magnetic seam guides are made to support the Stitch & Bitch Café brand and incorporated into manuals and instructions.Fact|date=December 2007 "“How to be your own Designer" first airs on Manhattan Cable Access.Fact|date=December 2007
*1999 – Sewing trade magazine, "Round Bobbin", titles Sew Fast Sew Easy as the pioneer of hip sewing as “Lone Cowgirl on the Open Prairie” while MSN Sidewalk lists its classes in a City Survival Guide.Fact|date=December 2007 CNN and "The New York Times" feature Sew Fast Sew Easy's voodoo doll making classes.Fact|date=November 2007 cite news | last = St. John Kelly | first = Erin | title = NEIGHBORHOOD REPORT: MIDTOWN -- BUZZ; As Cupid Sheathes Arrows, Voodoo Dolls Come Out | work = New York Times|date=1999-02-28 | url = | accessdate = 2007-10-15]
*2001 – First release of its online video learning series.
*2002 - Best of New York lists company as “Tailor Made”.Fact|date=December 2007 "Sew Fast Sew Easy: All You Need to Know When You Start to Sew" by Elissa K. Meyrich is published by St. Martin's Press.
*2003 – The New York Historical Society features Sew Fast Sew Easy patterns in exhibit. Fact|date=December 2007
*2004 – Stitch & Bitch product line expanded to include knitting.
*2005 – "Sew Fast Sew Easy" featured in "Teen Vogue".
*2006 – "RIP IT!: How to Deconstruct and Reconstruct the Clothes of Your Dreams" by Elissa K. Meyrich is published by Simon & Schuster and featured in "Elle Girl" and "Readymade" magazines and on|date=December 2007
*2007 – Company expands and moves to its current location.In June 2007, Stitch & Bitch Café digital learning center, has a grand opening. CNBC World News features the company in its showcase of the modern face of sewing and technology.cite news| last = Isdal | first = Karin | title = Arts & Crafts are Big Business | work = CNBC World News |date=2007-07-27 | url =] Stitch & Bitch magnetic seam guide featured in "Craft Magazine". Fact|date=November 2007 Series of t-shirts offered under the Stitch & Bitch Café brand.
*2008 - Settles trademark suite with Debbie Stoller. "Sew Fast Sew Easy: Sew On" by Elissa K. Meyrich is published by St. Martin's Press with Vice President Gregory Garvin on the cover. Teacher Kenley Collins is on Project Runway 5.


External links

* [ Sew Fast Sew Easy website]
* [ Stitch & Bitch Cafe forum]

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