Education in Liberia

Education in Liberia

Education in Liberia was severely affected by the First Liberian Civil War and Second Liberian Civil War, between 1989 and 2003.

Historically, from 1862 to the outbreak of the war in the 1980s, higher education in the country centered around:

* Liberia College, the precursor to the University of Liberia
* Cuttington Collegiate College, the precursor to Cuttington University College
* Harper Technical College (founded in 1971), renamed to William V. S. Tubman College of Technology in 1978

Currently higher education in Liberia is decentralized. The difference between a centralized and decentralized higher education system might be illustrated by the difference between the decentralized Ivy League in America and the centralized University of California System.

In addition to the above-named colleges, there also exist:

* AME University (African Methodist Episcopal University)
* Don Bosco Technical College
* Monrovia College.

Liberia has 2 public Rural Teacher Training Institutes.


* [ INHEA (International Network for Higher Education in Africa) profile of Liberia]

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