Stirling Baronets

Stirling Baronets

=Stirling Baronets, of Ardoch (2 May 1651) NS=

*Sir Henry Stirling, 1st Baronet Died Feb 1669
*Sir William Stirling, 2nd Baronet, died Feb 1702
*Sir Henry Stirling, 3rd Baronet 18 Nov 1688 - 24 Nov 1753
*Sir William Stirling, 4th Baronet c 1730 - 26 Jul 1799
*Sir Thomas Stirling, 5th Baronet Oct 1733 - 8 May 1808:Extinct on his death

tirling Baronets, of Glorat, Stirlingshire (30 April 1666) NS

*Sir George Stirling, 1st Baronet died c 1680
*Sir Mungo Stirling, 2nd Baronet 21 Apr 1712 - 21 Apr 1712
*Sir James Stirling, 3rd Baronet 30 Apr 1771 - 30 Apr 1771
*Sir Alexander Stirling, 4th Baronet 22 Feb 1791 - 22 Feb 1791
*Sir John Stirling, 5th Baronet 16 Mar 1818 - 16 Mar 1818
*Sir Samuel Stirling, 6th Baronet 28 Jul 1783 - 3 May 1858
*Sir Samuel Home Stirling, 7th Baronet 28 Jan 1830 - 19 Sep 1861
*Sir Charles Elphinstone Fleming Stirling, 8th Baronet 31 Jul 1831 - Sep 1910
*Colonel Sir George Murray Home Stirling, 9th Baronet 4 Sep 1869 - 1 May 1949 Lord Lieutenant of Stirling 1936-1949
*Sir Thomas Miller, 10th Baronet 16th July 2005

tirling Baronets, of Mansfield, Ayrshire (19 July 1792) GB

*Sir James Stirling, 1st Baronet c 1740 - 17 Feb 1805
*Sir Gilbert Stirling, 2nd Baronet c 1779 - 13 Feb 1843:Extinct on his death

tirling Baronets, of Faskine, Lanarkshire (15 December 1800) GB

*Sir Walter Stirling, 1st Baronet 24 Jun 1758 - 25 Aug 1832 MP for Gatton, Surrey 1799-1802 and St.Ives 1807-1820
*Sir Walter George Stirling, 2nd Baronet 15 Mar 1802 - 1 Dec 1888
*Sir Walter George Stirling, 3rd Baronet 5 Sep 1839 - 7 Jun 1934:Extinct on his death

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*Stirling-Hamilton Baronets



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