South End (disambiguation)

South End (disambiguation)

South End, South-end or Southend may refer to:

Places in the United Kingdom:
**London Southend Airport
**Southend (UK Parliament constituency)
**Southend Manor F.C.
**Southend United F.C.
*Southend, Argyll and Bute
*Southend, Berkshire
*Southend, Buckinghamshire
*Southend, Gloucestershire
*South-end, Hertfordshire, a settlement in the parish of Much Hadham in England
*Southend, London (Lewisham)
*Southend, Oxfordshire
*South End, a road in South Croydon

Places in the United States:
*South End, Agoura Hills, California, a neighborhood
*South End, a neighborhood in Hartford, Connecticut
*South End of Stamford, Connecticut
*South End, Boston, Massachusetts, a neighborhood
**South End Grounds, three baseball parks within this neighborhood
*South End (Charlotte neighborhood), North Carolina

Places in Canada:
*South End, Halifax, a neighbourhood in Nova Scotia
*South End, a neighbourhood in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
*Southend, Saskatchewan

Places in Australia:
*Southend, South Australia, a working crayfish port and holiday village in South Australia just south of Beachport []

Other uses:
*Southend (band)
*"The South End", the student newspaper of Wayne State University
*SouthEnd Interactive, a video game developer most noted for "Deathrow"
*South End Press
*South End Reservoir, Singapore Changi Airport
*South End Rowing Club

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