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*Sachin Rekhi (UPenn)
*Anson Tsai (MIT)
*Luxiou Chen (MIT)
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"Anywhere.FM", is an online radio network created by a team of MIT and UPenn graduates who previously worked at XBOX,, and Microsoft. [cite web |url= |title=Anywhere.FM's About page. |accessdate=2007-11-19] This website allows users to upload music. The music then becomes available in a personal radio that anyone can listen to. Though this network is still in its early beta stages millions of songs have been uploaded and many new features are being added weekly. 14,500,000+ songs have been uploaded by more than 88,000 users. [cite web |url= |title=Information on Total Songs and Users. |accessdate=2008-09-18]

Anywhere.FM was initially funded by YCombinator.On January 28, 2008 imeem acquired the company [ [ imeem Acquires Web Music Player Anywhere.FM ] ] in a deal which sees both the technology and employees joining the imeem service.

Network Details


In Anywhere.FMs beta stages uploading will be completely free. However, when the beta concludes there may be a small fee for users that upload large amounts of music. Prices have yet to be released. cite web |url= |title=Music Service Lets Users Store and Play Tracks Online. |accessdate=2007-11-19]

Copyright Concerns

Currently and most likely permanently downloading tracks from the radios will not be supported or permitted. Anywhere.FM also pays royalties to SoundExchange, ASCAP, BMI and SESAC."Anywhere.FM serves as a digital locker service for users to upload their licensed music and listen to it anywhere," said Sachin Rekhi, co-founder. "Users are legally allowed to make personal backup copies of their songs for use with this service."

upported File Types

* MP3cite web |url= |title's FAQ page. |accessdate=2007-11-19]

Uploading Processes

Users can upload single or multiple files at a time to the personal radio. The other method, the Desktop Uploader can upload entire libraries and playlists from Windows Media Player, Winamp, and iTunes.


External links

* [http://anywhere.FM Official Anywhere.FM website]
* [ Desktop Uploader]

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