Universal Conductance Fluctuations

Universal Conductance Fluctuations

Universal Conductance Fluctuation (UCF) in quantum physics is a phenomenon encountered in electrical transport experiments in mesoscopic species. The measured electrical conductance will vary from sample to sample, mainly due to inhomogeneous scattering sites. Fluctuations originate from coherence effects for electronic wavefunctions and thus the phase-coherence length extstyle l_phi needs be smaller than the momentum relaxation length extstyle l_m. UCF is more profound when electrical transport is in weak localization regime. extstyle l_phi where l_c=M imes l_m , extstyle M is the number of conduction channels and extstyle l_mis the momentum relaxation length or mean free path. For weakly localized samples fluctuation in conductance is equal to fundamental conductance extstyle G_o=2 imes e^2/h regardless of the number of channels.


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