Meat-filled kreplach in a clear soup

Kreplach (from Yiddish: קרעפּלעך kreplekh, קרעפפּל krepl neut. sg.) are small dumplings filled with ground meat, mashed potatoes or another filling, usually boiled and served in chicken soup.[1] They are similar to Italian tortellini and Chinese wontons. The dough is traditionally made of flour, water and eggs, kneaded and rolled out thin. Nowadays, they are often made with frozen dough sheets or wonton wrappers.[2] Ready-made Kreplach are also sold in the kosher freezer section of supermarkets. In many Ashkenazi homes, kreplach are served on Rosh Hashanah, at the pre-fast meal before Yom Kippur, and on Hoshana Raba.[1] Kreplach with vegetarian or dairy fillings are also eaten on Purim because the hidden nature of the kreplach interior mimics the "hidden" nature of the Purim miracle.[3] A variety with a sweet cheese filling is served as a starter or main dish in dairy meals, specifically on Shavuot.[4] Stuffed pasta may have migrated from Venice to the Ashkenazi Jews in Germany during the 14th century.[4]

The word krepl is probably derived from the Old High German kraepfo meaning grape. The Middle English word grapple is related (from a grape vine hook).

Similar dishes

Dishes similar to kreplach are Baozi, Buuz, Guotie, Gyoza, Jiaozi, Kalduny, Khinkali, Mandu, Mantı, Maultasche, Momo, Pelmeni, Pierogi, Tortellini, Vareniki and Wontons.


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