Kameshwar Singh Darbhanga Sanskrit University

Kameshwar Singh Darbhanga Sanskrit University

name = Darbhanga Sanskrit University

motto =
established = 1961
chancellor = Mr. Vijay Kumar Mishra
vice_chancellor= Dr. Kulanand Jha
city = Darbhanga, Bihar, India
country =
type = Public
campus = Rural
affiliations = UGC
website= [http://www.ksdsu.edu.in www.ksdsu.edu.in]


Kameshwar Singh Darbhanga Sanskrit University (KSDSU) was established in 1961, with Mahamhopadhyay Dr. Umesh Misra, the eminent scholar, as the first Vice Chancellor. Among the collections of the University are manuscripts on epics, philosophy, vyakarana, dharmashastra, agama, tantra etc. The University has an exceptional collection of nearly 5562 rare manuscripts including six illustrated manuscripts of the Ramayana, Gitagovinda, Srimadbhagavata and Durga Saptasati etc. The few manuscripts of Vidyapati, Mahesh Thakur composed in their own scripts are among the proud possession of the University. Darbhanga Sanskrit University started functioning as a Manuscript Resource Centre since September 2003. Known across Bihar for the rich manuscripts in Sanskrit, this MRC has documented its own collections, as well as surveyed Bihar and Jharkhand areas. It has so far documented 2000 manuscripts, covering forty-nine institutions and two hundred six private collections in thirteen districts. It has also held one awareness campaign.


Kameshwar Singh Darbhanga Sanskrit University is located in the main secretariat of Laxmishwar Vilash Prasada at Anand Bag in Darbhanga. Established in 1961, a State University, its jurisdiction covers the whole of Bihar. This university has about 5,500 rare manuscripts on epic, philosophy, vyakaran, dharmashastra and agam-tantra. Its postgraduate department deals with Veda, Vyakarna, Dharma Shastra, Darshana, Jyotish and Sahitya. Paper manuscripts and palm manuscripts are preserved in the university.


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* [http://www.ksdsu.edu.in Website of Kameshwar Singh Darbhanga Sanskrit University]

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