Rise Up! (Bobby Conn album)

Rise Up! (Bobby Conn album)

Infobox Album
Name = Rise Up!
Type = studio
Artist = Bobby Conn

Released = November 3rd, 1998
Recorded =
Genre = Glam rock
Pop rock
Progressive rock
Length =
Label(s) = Truckstop, Atavistic Records
Producer = Jim O'Rourke
Personnel = Jim O'Rourke, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Dylan Posa, Weasel Walter, D.J. LeDeuce, Thyme Jones
Reviews =
*NME rating-10|3 [http://www.nme.com/reviews/bobby-conn/115]
*The Village Voice [http://www.villagevoice.com/music/9905,armstrong,3795,22.html]
*Weekly Wire [http://weeklywire.com/ww/08-24-98/chicago_raw.html]
Last album = "Bobby Conn"(1997)
This album = "Rise Up!"
Next album = "Llovessonngs"

Rise Up! is a 1998 concept album by Chicago-based rocker Bobby Conn released on Truckstop records.

Track listing

# "Twilight Of The Empire" - 1:41
# "Rise Up!" - 4:36
# "Axis '67 (part 2)" - 6:14
# "United Nations" - 2:47
# "California" - 3:30
# "Passover" - 6:24
# "A Conversation" - 1:22
# "Baby Man" - 3:56
# "Baby Man (Refrain)" - 3:04
# "White Bread" - 4:49
# "Lullaby" - 3:56
# "Ominous Drone" - 1:34
# "Rise Up, Now!" - 3:47


* Bobby Conn - vocals, guitar
* Jim O'Rourke - bass synthesizer, guitar, piano
* Monica Bou Bou - piano, violin, vocals, melodica, strings
* Thymme Jones - trumpet
* Dylan Posa - bass on tracks 2,3,4,5,6,10,13
* Sarah Allen - drums on tracks 2,3,5,6,11,13; djembe
* Paul Mertens - flute, clarinet, tenor saxophone, piccolo flute, alto flute

External links

* [http://www.bobbyconn.co.uk/bobby_conn_lyrics.htm Rise Up! Lyrics]

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