Hispano-Suiza 12X

Hispano-Suiza 12X

The Hispano-Suiza 12X was an aircraft piston engine designed in France by Hispano-Suiza during the early 1930s. A 12-cylinder Vee, liquid-cooled design, the 12X was used on several aircraft types, some of them being used in limited numbers during World War II. Due to the 12X's limited power output, its derivative the more powerful Hispano-Suiza 12Y had a longer career.

Specifications (12XCrs)


ref=cite book|last=Tsygulev|title=Aviacionnye motory voennykh vozdushnykh sil inostrannykh gosudarstv ( _ru. Авиационные моторы военных воздушных сил иностранных государств)|publisher=Gosudarstvennoe voennoe izdatelstvo Narkomata Oborony Soyuza SSR|location=Moscow|year=1939|url=http://base13.glasnet.ru/text/aviamotory/t.htm]
type=Twelve-cylinder supercharged liquid-cooled 60° Vee piston engine
bore=130 mm (5.12 in)
stroke=170 mm (6.69 in)
displacement=27 l (1,648 in³)
length=1,577 mm (62.09 in)
width=726 mm (28.58 in)
height=904 mm (35.59 in)
weight=380 kg (838 lb)
valvetrain=Overhead camshaft with two valves per cylinder
supercharger=Single-speed centrifugal type supercharger, 10:1 reduction
fuelsystem=Six Solex carburetors
fueltype=85 octane rating gasoline
* 486 kW (651 hp) at 2,600 rpm for takeoff
* 508 kW (681 hp) at 2,600 rpm at 4,500 m (14,765 ft)
specpower=18.81 kW/l (0.41 hp/in³)
specfuelcon=328 g/(kW•h) (0.54 lb/(hp•h))
oilcon=11 g/(kW•h) (0.28 oz/(hp•h))
power/weight=1.34 kW/kg (0.81 hp/lb)
reduction_gear=Spur, 2:3


*Dewoitine D.500
*Blériot-SPAD S.510
*Loire 130
*Loire-Nieuport LN.40
*Lioré et Olivier H-246
*Potez 540
*Potez 650


* Danel, Raymond and Cuny, Jean. "L'aviation française de bombardement et de renseignement 1918-1940" Docavia n°12, Editions Larivière

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