Ilir Çaushaj

Ilir Çaushaj

Ilir Çaushaj is an Albanian football player who currently plays for Flamurtari Vlora. He is a midfielder.

He was born in 1987 in a small southern city called Permet, Albania. He showed interest in soccer at a very young age as it seemed like the only thing interesting to him. Having no fields to play on, he played on gravel fields, streets, sidewalks, anywhere there was some space and a soccer ball. In middle school he played for his school team where him and his friend Adri Shahini excelled being the first two to create a winning team. In the school's tournament final, they defeated the school's until-then best and oldest team becoming the first 5th graders to do so. In the next year, they went on to get second place in the city wide tournament losing 1-0 in the final match. The goal should not have happened as the referee failed to call a throw in, so while one team thought it was an obvious call and stopped to protest, the other team took advantage and scored. Ilir gained instant citywide fame as a soccer player and was well accepted by the town's professional team in their practices as well. Soccer has always been his passion and he continues to pursue it professionally by playing with Flamurtari Vlora, in Albania.

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