Swallowed by the Earth

Swallowed by the Earth

Infobox Single
Name = Swallowed by the Earth

Cover size = 114
Caption = Swallowed by the Earth cover
Artist = Gothminister
from Album =
Empire of Dark Salvation
A-side = Swallowed by the Earth
B-side = None
Released = 2005
Format = ???
Recorded = ???
Genre = Industrial Metal
Length = ??:??
Label = ???
Writer = Bjørn Alexander Brem
Producer = ???
Certification = ???
Chart position =
Last single = "The Holy One" (2003)
This single = Swallowed by the Earth (2005)
Next single = ---
Misc =

"Swallowed by the Earth" is a song by Gothminister, from the album "Empire of Dark Salvation", released in 2005.

Track listing


†. Note_label|1|†|noneEdited by Johnny Lee Michaels.
‡. Note_label|2|‡|noneRemixed by Johnny Lee Michaels.

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