Acts of the Apostles (genre)

Acts of the Apostles (genre)

The Acts of the Apostles is a genre of Early Christian literature, claiming to recount the lives and works of the apostles of Jesus. This is considered important mainly because of the concept of apostolic succession.

List of acts

* Acts of Andrew
* Acts of the Apostles, Canonical
* Acts of Barnabas
* Acts of John
* The Lost Chapter of the Acts of the Apostles
* Acts of the Martyrs
* Acts of Paul
* Acts of Peter
* Acts of Peter and Paul
* Acts of Peter and the Twelve
* Acts of Philip
* Acts of Pilate
* Acts of Thecla
* Acts of Thomas


*James M. Robinson The Nag Hammadi Library in English (HarperOne, 1990)
*Bentley Layton The Gnostic Scriptures. (SCM Press 1987)
*Bart D. Ehrman, Lost Christianities. (Oxford University press, 2003)

ee also

* General topics
** New Testament apocrypha
** Pseudepigraphy
** Textual criticism
** Twelve apostles
* Related literature
** List of Gospels
** Apocalyptic literature
** Epistles
** List of New Testament papyri

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