Beyond Recognition

Beyond Recognition

Infobox Album | Name = Beyond Recognition
Type = studio
Artist = Defiance

Released = 1992
Recorded = 1990-1992
Genre = Thrash metal
Progressive metal
Length = 41:58
Label = Roadracer Records
Producer = Rob Beaton
Reviews =
Last album = "Void Terra Firma (1990)
This album = "Beyond Recognition"
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"Beyond Recognition" is the third and final full length album by thrash metal band Defiance, released in 1992 on Roadrunner Records. This album was a bit of a departure from the bands previous work. It can be best described as "progressive thrash metal", featuring more complex song structures, odd time signatures, numerous key and tempo changes, technical riffs and drumming, and even clean sections that often evoked jazz fusion. This newer, more distinctive style earned the band their biggest critical success to date, and many fans hail it as their finest work.

Despite this, the album did not sell as well as their previous works due to a shifting musical landscape and as a result, poor advertisement for the album. It has been out of print for many years, though many thrash fans consider it to be a lost gem of the genre.

During the recording of "Beyond Recognition" vocalist Steev Esquivel temporarily left the band due to lack of focus due to drug addiction. He came back later when the band was not satisfied with their replacement vocalist. All of the tracks on the album still had Esquivel on lead vocals.

Former Heathen vocalist Dave White makes a guest appearance on "Looking Inside Out", doing a vocal harmony with Esquivel during the chorus line. Ed Repka also did the cover art.

Track listing

#Killing Floor (03:45)
#Step Back (05:01)
#Perfect Nothing (05:38)
#No Compromise (04:14)
#Dead Silence (04:10)
#Inside Looking Out (05:19)
#The Chosen (04:16)
#Powertrip (04:22)
#Promised Afterlife (4:50)


*Steev Esquivel - Lead vocals
*Doug Harrington - Lead/Rhythm Guitars
*Jim Adams - Lead/Rhythm Guitars
*Mike Kaufmann - Bass
*Matt Vander Ende - Drums
*Dave White - Backing vocals on "Looking Inside Out"

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