Organoarsenic compound

Organoarsenic compound

An organoarsenic compound in organic chemistry is an organic compound containing a chemical bond between arsenic and carbon. Many organoarsenic compounds are produced industrially with uses as insecticide, herbicide and fungicide. The parent compound is arsine. The oldest known representative (1760) is the foul smelling cacodyl. Despite their toxicity, organoarsenic biomolecules are known for example the As betaine pendant arsenobetaine first identified in the Western rock lobster ["Arsenic Species in Marine Samples" Kevin A. Francesconi, and John S. Edmonds CROATICA CHEMICA ACTA CCACAA 71 (2) 343–359 (1998) ["organoarsenic" Article link] ] [cite journal
title = Isolation, crystal structure and synthesis of arsenobetaine, the arsenical constituent of the western rock lobster panulirus longipes cygnus George
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] . In other biomolecules arsenicum is bound to carbohydrates collectively known as arsenosugars (found especially in seaweeds). The cause for the accumulation of arsenic in some marine organisms and the biochemistry forming the compounds is still unknown. Although arsenic and most of its compounds are toxic for humans one of the first synthetic antiobiotics was Salvarsan.

Relevant compounds

Some relevant organoarsenic compound are listed in he table below:

Other uses

The compounds 1,2-Bis(dimethylarsino)benzene and triphenylarsine are used as a chelating ligand. Trimethylarsine is used in Chemical vapor deposition in microelectronics. Thorin is an indicator for several metals.

Arsphenamine, Neosalvarsan and Atoxyl have at one time been used as drugs. Roxarsone is a food additive for chickens, improving weight gain.

ee also

* Arsole, the arsenicum endant of pyrrole.
* Chemistry of other elements bonded to carbon


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