Ten Commandments (Decalogue) Sword

Ten Commandments (Decalogue) Sword

=Ten Commandments Sword=

In Rave Master, the Ten Commandments Sword (Decaforce Sword in the anime, Ten Powers in the English manga) is a powerful sword originally owned by Shiba, the first generation Rave Master. It was given to Haru Glory when he was chosen by Rave to become the Second Generation Rave Master. The sword was made with a special slot to hold the Rave Stone, also known as the "Holy Bring". This sword was created by blacksmith Galein Musica, and was once strengthened and fixed by him when Haru broke it during a battle. The Ten Commandments is said to have ten forms including its original state when attached with the Rave, hence its name. Also, different forms can be combined simultaneously to create powerful combination attacks.

Each sword is individually forged and bound together by using the power of Rave Stone. Each form of the Ten Commandments are stored inside of the Rave Stone and being called by the wielder by memory. After obtaining the Rave of Knowledge, Haru gained the memory of all ten forms of Ten Commandments.


*"The Metal Sword"
**Eisenmeteor is the Ten Commandments' default form. An unusually large iron sword, it cannot be blocked by magic as it is a non-magic sword and is useful in fights due to its weight and size. This ability proved instrumental in battling Sieg Hart. This sword was destroyed by Galein after Hamrio Musica created Ravelt for Haru.


*"The Explosive Sword"
**A sword with no proper cutting edge but creates a powerful explosion on contact with the enemy. It is Haru's first sword gained from Rave and his most commonly used. However, the shock of the impact is powerful to the extent that if Haru uses it in succession too much, it could possibly hurt or kill him.


*"The Sonic Sword"
**This sword allows the Rave Master to become extremely light, granting great speed and the ability to create blades of air for long-ranged attacks. Silpharion can also be used with Explosion to create a special attack called "Bombing Dive" ("Twelve Wings of the Explosive Dragon") which fires explosive blades at the enemy. However, the Silpharion is relatively weak as a mêlée weapon and is no more than a normal sword for attacking. This form also allows Haru to catch his opponents unaware, though in Chapter 61 the sword is beaten by Racas, one of the Palace Guards.


*"The Sealing Sword"
**A unique jagged sword which cannot cut anything physical but can cut things without a tangible form like lightning, fire, water or smoke. It can also be used to seal magic, and is used by Haru to seal Elie's Etherion. Later, in a battle between Haru and Lucia, Lucia uses his Decalogue Runesave to seal Haru's Runesave, making him unable to block Lucia's magic attacks.

Blue Crimson

*"The Twin Dragon Sword"
**The Ten Commandments splits into two blades with one having the properties of fire and the other having the properties of ice. The fire and ice can also be used as ranged attacks. To use the sword to its full potential, the user needs to be ambidextrous, making this sword hard to use for Haru since he is right-handed. This sword is also useful in fending off attacks from two opponents simultaneously. During his duel with the various members of Oracion Six, Haru used Blue Crimson to fend off Berial and Reina's combined attacks. Ironically, Haru first uses these twin blades against Let, who belongs to the dragon race.

Mel Force

*"The Vacuum Sword"
**The sword of air, this form allows the user to fire powerful bursts of air at the enemy to blow them away and paralyze them.

Gravity Core

*"The Gravity Blade"
**An incredibly destructive sword that is able to cut through very hard things. However, the tradeoff is its extremely heavy weight and thus requiring great strength to use. Although more powerful than Explosion, it's a very difficult blade to utilize. Haru usually jumps/swings up before switching to Gravity Core for maximum damage.

Million Suns

*"The Solar Blade"
**Meaning "the force of a million suns." A sword whose blade is composed purely of Light, the holy light generally blinds Haru's opponents and dispels darkness. Used by Haru to defeat Pumpkin Doryu and disabled the power of his Dark Bring.


*"The Bloodlust Sword"
**The most destructive of all the forms, Sacrifar is a frightening blade of bloodlust that trades the user's emotion and will for the power of Carnage. As the sword was not made for Haru (but rather Shiba), the sword will take over the user after sometime. Even Lucia was only able to remain in control for a short period while using the decalogus version of Sacrifar.


*"The Holy (Star) Sword"
**The most powerful form of the Ten Commandments. When Musica discovers that a tenth form of the Ten Commandments was never made for Haru, he takes it on himself to create one, using a piece of his Silver, left over metal from the first Ten Commandments and a mixture of blacksmith and silver manipulation skills (he almost died from exhaustion in the process). Ravelt has the power to dispel evil and becomes the default sword, while still being able to transform and use the powers of the other swords using Rave.


*"The Holy (Star) Sword" [ [http://www7a.biglobe.ne.jp/~rave/sword.html Ten Commandments' Information] ja icon. Accessed 2008-07-09.]
**The original tenth form of the Ten Commandments used by Shiba. Shiba used this sword to defeat the final Dark Bring or "Shadow Stone", Sinclaire, in the previous war. This act resulted in the Overdrive, a huge explosion which supposedly destroyed one-tenth of the world. Haru is unable to unlock this form of the sword as it was specifically made for Shiba. This sword has never appeared in the manga, and was only revealed in the author's notes. [Mashima, Hiro (2005). Rave, Volume 32. Tokyo, Japan: Kodansha, author's notes.]

Combined Techniques

Haru can combine his sword abilities to create a variety of effects:
*Explosion + Silpharion - Named Twelve Wings of the Fire Dragon:
**The most commonly used combination technique. It creates twelve swift explosions that Haru normally uses to quickly take out a large number of foes.
*Runesave + Melforce - Runforce:
**Creates a tunnel through fluids. For the duration of the ability, the fluid will not flow into the tunnel allowing Haru passage. Haru has used this twice. Once to avoid falling into acid before Musica could save him, the second to strand the oni in mid air by pushing away the sea before he unleashed Twelve Wings of the Explosive Dragon.
*Explosion + Blue Crimson - Dual Explosion:
**Basically a double Explosion. It is likely this is more focused and thus more powerful attack than Twelve Wings.

Decalogus/Decalogs Sword

An evil opposite of Ten Commandments and Lucia Raregroove's primary and strongest weapon. It has the almost the same special forms and abilities as the Ten Commandments except it is powered by a Dark Bring. Its final form, Dark Amelia is named after Lucia's mother. [Mashima, Hiro (2005). Rave, Volume 35. Tokyo, Japan: Kodansha, author's notes]


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