Activate is a student newspaper at Rhodes University. It was established in 1947 as "Rhodeo", and during apartheid became an active part of the struggle for freedom of expression as part of the now defunct South African Student Press Union [ [ About Activate] ] . These days, Activate is committed to informing students about issues relevant to their lives, mainly on campus. The newspaper is run entirely by the students and is published every second week during term time. The newspaper revives a sizeable grant for the Student Representative Council(SRC) but most of its costs are covered by advert placements.

Since 2005 the staff who serve on the newspaper's two controlling committees (the executive and production committees) are selected and appointed by an editorial board made up of the outgoing editor and deputy editor including one other outgoing senior staff member (usually the editorial consultant), the station manager of Rhodes Music Radio and various staff members from the Rhodes School of Journalism. Traditionally the senior staff serve for a one year term. The current editor is Kate Douglas with Sean Messham as deputy.

In 2006, [ The Oppidan Press] was established as another independent newspaper at Rhodes University expressly to cater to the needs of students who didn't live on campus. The Oppidan Press is in direct competition with Activate.

Previous editors of Activate:
editors before 2000 are unknown- please help fill them in!

    2000/1- Jak Koesoff
    2001/2- Natasha Joseph
    2002/3- Haru Mutasa
    2003/4- Lesley Oedendal
    2004/5- Carly Ritz (deputy- Nicholas Haralambous)
    2005/6- Peter Barlow (deputy- Bianca Camminga)
    2006/7- Xanthe Galanis (deputy- Tim Hancox)
    2007/8- Bianca Silva (deputy- Candace Whitehead)
    2008/9- Kate Douglas (deputy- Sean Messham)


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* [ Activate Online]
* [ The Oppidan Press]

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