Edgar Van Nuys Allen

Edgar Van Nuys Allen

Edgar Van Nuys Allen (June 22, 1900 – June 14 1961) was an American physician who was a native of Cozad, Nebraska. He is remembered for his work done as a professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

Edgar Allen was a specialist in cardiovascular medicine, and particularly known for his research of peripheral vascular disease. His name is lent to the eponymous Allen test, which is a procedure to determine blood supply to the hand. He also did extensive research and development of dicumerol, an anti-coagulant that is produced from coumarin.

Selected writings

* "Peripheral vascular diseases". Edgar van Nuys Allen and others with associates in the Mayo Clinic and Mayo Foundation; 2nd edition, Philadelphia, Saunders, 1955. 825 pages. 3rd edition by Edgar V. Allen, Nelson W. Barker and Edgar A. Hines, Jr. With the assistance of John A. Spittell, Jr. and others. Philadelphia, Saunders, 1962. 1044 pages. 4th edition, Philadelphia, Saunders, 1972. 797 pages. 5th edition 1980, 981 pages.


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