Army Reserve Force Students

Army Reserve Force Students

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battles=Battle of Thanangsank bridge
anniversaries=8 December
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Army Reserve Force Students (นักศึกษาวิชาทหาร) are a military youth organization in Thailand.


Before the World War II the "Eu wa chon taharn" ("junior soldiers", Thai: ยุวชนทหาร) were established in 1934 by Field marshal Luang Phibunsongkhram and was inspired by the Hitler Youth in Nazi Germany. At the beginning of World War II junior soldiers were sent to fight the Japanese troops that invaded southern Thailand on 8 December 1941.

At the end of the war the junior soldiers were disbanded, but Lieutenant General Luang Chatnakrop (พล.ท. หลวงชาตินักรบ) created the Army Reserve Force Students to replace them in 1948. Today most students who participate in the reserve do so to avoid the chances of being drafted into the full-fledged military force for about three years. Because of this, the requirements for admission has risen recently.


The current requirements are:

# Thai nationality
# Age of younger than 22 years
# Must be approved by their parents or guardians
# A grade-point average of above 1.00 or certificate of passing senior scout
# A doctor's certificate of health. People with disabilities, fatal sickness, disease or extreme eye problems such as color blind are not allowed.
# Body mass index of less than 30 (obesity)
# Must have appropriate body height and size according to age
# Fitness test of a 800 meter run in 3:15, 40 sit-ups in two minutes, and 26 push-ups in two minutes are also required (each test has score of 100 on its own, giving 300 in total) is also required and will be taken at the Territorial Defense School itself.
# Students are also required to cut their hair so that the white of the scalp is visible.

However, there is always the "second qualification" (and third, fourth, ..., if the reserve forces have the budget to do so) which eventually qualifies more applicants.

Violence in the Bangkok Army Reserve Force training center is abundant. It became such a problem that international schools had to request that the students receive training separately from Thai students.


Army Reserve Force Students have to study 20 weeks per year and a period of field training, but only common for grade 2 through grade 5 students. The students must be present for at least 80% and are not allowed to skip any exams. By the end of every semester Army Reserve Force Students have to pass an exam to continue their study into the next grade.

Army Reserve Force Students have to test:
* Rifle firing of around 10-34 rounds, depending on their grade
* Written test of 120 multiple-choice questions
* Physical test

Army Reserve Force Students have 5 grades:
* Students who complete grade 1 are equivalent to Private First Class and will halve their service period as a conscript.
* Students who complete grade 2 are equivalent to Corporal and their service period will be only a quarter than that of a non-military student.
* Students who complete grade 3 may request for permission to use the title Sergeant, and are completely exempt from conscription.
* Students who complete grade 4 are equivalent to Sergeant Major
* Students who complete grade 5 and their B.D. may ask for the title Acting Sub Lieutenant. Also, on the graduation from their university, they are allowed to dress in white officer's uniform and wear a sword.

Field training lengths (dependent on grade and gender of the student):
* Grade 2 Male, at least 3 days
* Grade 3 Male, at least 5 days
* Grade 4,5 Male, at least 7 days
* Grade 2,3 Female, at least 3 days
* Grade 4,5 Female, at least 5 days

Uniform and Insignia

Army Reserve Force Students wear a khaki-green uniform and beret with Army Reserve Command insignia (Cross swords under The great crown of victory) on their collar beret and belt. Army Reserve Force Students distinguish their school and province by school's coat of arms on the right shoulder, and province badge on left chest.

pecial training

About 200 4th grade Army Reserve Force Students who pass the physical test will be allowed to enter the parasail training course. There are rumors that the Reserve Affairs Center had suspended Parasail Training until further notice due to lack of funding. [ [ :: Reserve Affairs Center - ศูนย์การกำลังสำรอง :: Forums-viewtopic-หลักสูตรโดดร่มพาราเซลเปิดรับสมัครวันไหนครับ ] ]

Battle of Thanangsank Bridge

In the first day of Japanese invasion of South East Asia (8 December) , the Japanese army sent their troops to many parts of Chumphon. At Mahard Bay (อ่าวมะหาด) the Japanese landed their troops on beaches from Banpaknamchumphon (บ้านปากน้ำชุมพร) to Bankorson (บ้านคอสน). The 38th infantry battalion of the Royal Thai Army was about 17 km away from the location, which was too far away to intercept the invading Japanese troops in time. As a result, the Junior soldiers and police forces, numbering at about a hundred, had to intercept the Japanese army at the western side of Thanangsank bridge until the 38th infantry battalion can arrive. The Junior soldiers and police forces sent their 1st Light Machine Gun company across the bridge at 8.00AM and went through South Thayang temple to intercept the Japanese reinforcements. The Commander of 38th infantry battalion wished to sent his 4th Heavy Machine Gun company across the bridge to protect government office located beside the Thatapoa river but Japanese troops started heavy gun firing stopping the 4th Heavy Machine Gun company crossing the river. Suddenly Junior Soldiers under Captain Thawin Niyomsend(ร้อยเอก ถวิล นิยมเสน), commander of Chumphon Junior soldier training center, ran cross the bridge to hold strategic points on the eastern side of the bridge. Under heavy Japanese gun fire, Captain Thawin Niyomsend was killed when he tried to find a new place for his Light Machine Gun squad. Junior soldiers under Sergeant Sumran Kuanpan(สิบเอก สำราญ ควรพันธ์)'s command, from the Junior soldier traning center, held their position until after Thailand surrendered to the Japanese at around noon.


Criticism of this program is felt widely but is not generally protested against publicly or on the internet for fear of being placed under government scrutiny. However people against the program will cite several reasons for their sentiment.
* Conscription is considered to be a violation of human rights (slavery)
* The money spent on the program could be spent for better things such as the development of the real army to attract new recruits rather than having to draft the majority of recruits, development of the education system and conditions of schools, or other social causes.
* There is a serious problem with inter-school violence and having students from several rival schools in the same area is prone to create conflict.
* Young people should not have a militarist mind forced on them and should not be obligated to perform military service when the system they serve exists to take away civil liberties.
* The concept was created during a time of desperate need of soldiers and is obsolete in modern society.
* There are problems between soldiers and reserve forces about "which one is more honorable" and such. There was a problem with an unknown man under username of "พลทหาร" ("Private") causing trouble in the old forums regarding this matter.

Arguments for the training

However some feel that the program has positive effects on the youth including education against drugs, the taming of the youth, and instilling patriotism for Thailand.


External links

* [ Thai Army Reserve Command Center]
* [ Reserve Affairs Center]
* [ Territorial Defence School]
* [ Reserve Affairs School]

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