Handler may refer to:

a person who handles something:
** animal handler, person who conducts animal training or is a wrangler (profession).
** a sports handler, a coach (sport) or sports agent of a sports player, or a promoter (entertainment)
** agent handler, person who manages a spy
** Baggage handler, a person who loads and unloads baggage and other cargo for transport via aircraft
** mail handler, a postal worker
** Aircraft Handler, a branch of the Fleet Air Arm / Royal Navy
** Garter handler, an old term for a pimp.

in computing, software code that reacts to an event or specializes in a type of data:
* Handler, an asynchronous callback subroutine in computing
* Handler, a particular class of service process in DNIX
* A20 handler, the IBM PC memory manager software controlling access to the High Memory Area
* event handler
* interrupt handler
* signal handler

a device or machine that performs a specific task:
* Air handler, a device used as part of an HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) system
* Handler, a robotic device used to automatically place a Device under test onto an Automatic Test Equipment system for the Semiconductor industry.
* Seismic Handler, an interactive analysis program for preferably continuous waveform data
* Telescopic handler, a machine widely used in Agriculture and Industry

in culture:
* Handler (play), by Robert Schenkkan
* The Handler, the third CD from American singer Har Mar Superstar
* Handler, a character class in Dragonlance

Persons named Handler

Handler is the surname of:
* Carole Handler, American Intellectual Property attorney
* Chelsea Handler, American stand-up comedian
* Daniel Handler, American author, screenwriter, and accordionist
* Evan Handler, American actor
* Evelyn Handler, 17th president of the University of New Hampshire
* Ferdinánd Nándor Handler (1836-1888), Hungarian architect
* Phil Handler, football player and coach who spent his entire professional career in the city of Chicago
* Rebecca Handler, American/Japanese actress
* Ruth Handler, American businesswoman and the president of the toy manufacturer Mattel

Handler may also refer to: poon

ee also

* Hendler

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