Full gainer

Full gainer

A gainer is a somersault which rotates opposite to the direction the individual is traveling, i.e. a backflip done while moving forward. It can be done while running, walking, or standing as well as on a trampoline, diving board, or other apparatus. A half gainer involves the same motion, except the ending position is with the head downward. To do a gainer, it is important to first get height. You jump up as high as you can and at the height of your jump push forwards and tuck up.

A wrestling move called a shooting star press, innovated by Jushin Thunder Liger is very similar to a gainer, as it involves a wrestler performing a variation of a gainer from a standing position, onto an opponent (causing the wrestler to land chest first). This maneauver has many variations, ranging from different locations, different tuck styles / turns and also additional degrees of rotation, however the standard shooting star press is essentially a 3/4 gainer

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