Vandal (disambiguation)

Vandal (disambiguation)

Vandals were an East Germanic tribe.

Vandal may also refer to:
* somebody who commits vandalism
* Albert Vandal, French count and historian
* Vandals, Ghana, a secret society amongst students in Ghana
* The Vandals, American punk rock band
* Vandal (Electronica/Breakbeat producer), Electronica & Breakbeat DJ/Producer from Sheffield, England.
* The Vandals (UK), 1970s British punk band featuring Alison Moyet
* University of Idaho "Vandals" athletic teams
* The Vandals RFC, a Rugby Union Football Club in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
* The MQM-8G Vandal supersonic drone was made from converted RIM-8 Talos missiles
* "Vandal", a poem by Patti Smith from her 1978 book "Babel"
* Vandal Hearts, a Japanese tactical role-playing video game

See also

* Vandalism, a form of destruction or defacement
* Vandalism (band), Australian electro house group

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