Advance and Follow

Advance and Follow

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Name = Advance and Follow
Type = studio
Artist = VNV Nation

Released = 1995
Recorded =
Genre =Electronic Body Music
Length =
Label = Discordia / Dependent
Producer =
Reviews =
Last album = "Strength of Youth"
This album = "Advance and Follow"
Next album = "Praise the Fallen"
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Upper caption = Alternate cover
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Lower caption = 2001 re-release cover

"Advance and Follow" is the first full-length album by futurepop artists VNV Nation, released in December 1995. It is commonly abbreviated as "A&F". Compared to the futurepop sound of their subsequent albums Advance and Follow has a middle era EBM sound with classical influences. In 2001 the album was re-released with updated production and redone vocals along with five bonus tracks.

Track listing

# “Anthem” – 2:05
# “After Fire” – 5:40
# “Frika” – 5:55
# “Serial Code” – 2:45
# “Serial Killer” – 6:30
# “Cold” – 4:34
# “Amhrán Comhrac” – 3:54
# “Requiem QCN” – 5:05
# “Outremer” – 5:32
# “Fiume” – 2:55

v2 Edition bonus tracks
# “Aftershock” – 4:57
# “Serial Killer (Tormented)” – 5:35
# “Circling Overland” (Front 242 cover) – 4:58
# “DSM02” (Front 242 cover) – 5:49
# “After Fire (Storm)” – 5:42

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