America's Cutest Puppies

America's Cutest Puppies

America's Cutest Puppy iswhen a show on WE that looks to find America's cutest puppy by visiting 10 cities in the United States ["America's Cutest Puppy" accessdate=2007-08-14] . One puppy from each city is picked to go to the finale to earn the national title. In each episode the puppies from that area competed in the "Cuteness Round" where three judges look to see which puppies they think are the cutest. They pick which 10 semi finalists they liked the best.

Then there is the "Playfulness Round" where the judges get to see how the 10 puppies play. The judges then narrow the 10 down to 5 depending on how playful they were. The final round is the Up close and Personal Round where the puppies get to lick and play with the judges. The judges tally up all their results and pick the winner along with the runner up and second runner up. Then the winner from each city goes on to the finale.



As it heated up in Phoenix the competition for Phoenix's Cutest Puppy was on. Some puppies included Glory Hallelujah a puppy born without front paws, Shirley and Penny two lovable Sheltie sisters, Perry the bloodhound, and Daisy the border collie/Jack Russell mix. It ended up being Bunker the Miniature Bull Terrier that took the win.


The city of Pupperly lovefact|date=September 2008 hosts the 4th episode of America's cutest puppy. The beautiful Golden Retriever Daisy took the win.

San Francisco

San Francisco was a very stylish city with puppies dressed from head to toe in accessories. Puppies included were, Guapo a Spaniel mix dressed in a Safari outfit, Utah the Keeshond sporting doggy booties, Buddy a Yorkshire Terrier who also sported his Doggles, and Roscoe a Long-haired Dachshund. First place went to Gizmo,an adorable fluffy Yorkie.


Puppies from all over the Atlanta area came to show off their cute stuff! Brady the Alaskan Klee Kai, Hank the basset hound, Sandy the Yorkie, Mocha a feisty mutt, and Murphy a shaggy mix were some puppies included. It ended up being Thomas a Pekinese/Corgi mix who won the judges from Atlanta over.


Tonsfact|date=September 2008 of adorable dogs came to Boston for America's cutest puppy. Out of the many puppies were Chula an affectionate mix, Zoey the Toy Fox Terrier, Tillman the bulldog, Roscoe the bulldog, and Rudder a Newfoundland. Maggie Mae the Cocker Spaniel went with the win for Boston.


The Miami puppies show what they are made of to be called America's Cutest Puppy. Puppies going for the win were Rock Star the Yorkie, Casey the Yorkie, Shaq the Yorkie, Ginny the Chihuahua/Fox Terrier mix, Crash a Yellow Lab, and Snow the Hairless Chinese Crested. It was Tobey in the end, a Bichon Shitzu mix.


In Chicago the competition was tough to become America's cutest puppy. Included puppies were Sweet Bea the Bulldog, Spirit the Golden Retriever, and Smudgie a Jack Russel Mix. In the end Buddha, a deaf Staffordshire/Lab mix won the judges over.

New York

The last stop was New York in America's cutest puppy. Puppies included were Scarlet the Papillion, Meloni a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and Casanova a shaggy brown mix. The Havanese LuLu went on with the win for New York's cutest puppy.


* Rowdy a rescued terrier mix from Pasadena, California. He won the Los Angeles title.

* Thomas is from Atlanta, Georgia.

* Maggie Mae, a Cocker Spaniel from Middleboro, Massachusetts. Her mom found her on a website and flew her from Georgia to Boston to get her! Maggie's title is from Boston.

* LuLu, a Havanese from Long Island, New York. Her title is from New York.

* Buddha is a deaf, mixed breed puppy from Chicago where he got his title.

* Gizmo, a Yorkie won San Francisco, CA.

* Bunker, a Miniature Bull Terrier won Phoenix, AZ.

* Daisy, a Golden Retriever won Philadelphia, PA.

* Toby won Miami, FL.

* Marley, a Bernese Mountain Dog won San Diego, CA.


The finale finally came and all the finalist puppies were ready. The puppies entered the red carpet first. Then was the photoshoot challenge where a professional photographer took a picture of each finalist. Next was the fashion competition where all the finalists sported a doggy outfit. There was also a playfulness round where the judges got to see how well the puppies played together. The judges got all their votes together and narrowed the 10 to 5. This included Rowdy, the terrier mix; Bunker, the Bull terrier from Phoenix; Marley, the Bernese Mountain Dog from San Diego; Gizmo, the Yorkie from San Francisco; and Buddha, the deaf Staffordshire/Labrador mix from Chicago.

The top finalists are Bunker, Gizmo, Marley, Rowdy, and Buddha.

The winner was Bunker from Phoenix.

The Runner-Up was Buddha from Chicago.


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