Swyer James Mcleod's Syndrome

Swyer James Mcleod's Syndrome

Swyer James Mcleod's Syndrome is a rare lung disorder found by Physicians Paul Robert Swyer, William Mathiseon Macleod and Radiologist George James in the 1950's in the United States. At the same time J. Bret was exploring this illness in France, and consequently it is sometimes referred to as Brett's syndrome.

In appearance Swyer James normally leaves shadowing in a CT scan in the upper lobar regions of one or (rarely) both lungs. Patients with the illness operate in much the same way as patients with mild bronchiectasis. As a result the illness can go undiagnosed for some time. With current developments in the pharmaceutical industry, the prognosis is good for sufferers of the illness to lead normal and healthy lives. Particular attention must be paid to the new development of Erdosteine from Italy, which is becoming increasingly available across the world.


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