Morrison (surname)

Morrison (surname)

Morrison is a surname. In some cases it is derived from a patronymic form of the personal name Morris.[1] This personal name is a variant of Maurice, and was quite popular in the Middle Ages.[2] The surname is common throughout Ireland, but mainly in east Ulster. In the Irish language, Morrison is spelt Mac Muiris; Muiris is the usual Irish language form of Maurice.[3]

There are several notable persons each with the names:

  • Aileen Morrison, an Irish triathlete
  • Alan Morrison (disambiguation)
  • Alastair Morrison (disambiguation)
  • Alexander Morrison (disambiguation)
  • Charles Morrison (disambiguation)
  • Daniel Morrison (disambiguation)
  • David Morrison (disambiguation)
  • George Morrison (disambiguation)
  • Henry Morrison (disambiguation)
  • Hugh Morrison (disambiguation)
  • James Morrison (disambiguation)
  • John Morrison (disambiguation)
  • Joseph Morrison (disambiguation)
  • Mark Morrison (disambiguation)
  • Michael Morrison (disambiguation)
  • Patricia Morrison (disambiguation)
  • Paul Morrison (disambiguation)
  • Phil Morrison (disambiguation)
  • Richard Morrison (disambiguation)
  • Robert Morrison (disambiguation)
  • Scott Morrison (disambiguation)
  • Sean Morrison (disambiguation)
  • Steve Morrison (disambiguation)
  • Terry Morrison (disambiguation)
  • Tom Morrison (disambiguation)
  • William Morrison (disambiguation)

Other individuals with the surname Morrison include:

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