Wāli or vali is an administrative title that was used during the Ottoman Empire to designate governors of administrative divisions. It is still in use in some Muslim countries. The division which a Wāli governs is called wilayah.

Algerian term

In Algeria, a wāli is the "governor" and administrative head of each of the 48 provinces of the country, and is chosen by the president.

Ottoman Empire term

"Wāli" was the title in the Ottoman Empire of the most common type of Ottoman governor, in charge of a wilayah ("vilayet" in Ottoman Turkish), often a military officer such as a pasha; see Subdivisions of the Ottoman Empire.

Omani Sultanate term

The Sultanate of Oman, when it ruled Mombasa,Kenya, appointed a wali for Mombasa. The position is now known as LiWali.

Moroccan term

Since 1997 regionalisation reform, a Wāli is the governor of one of the sixteen regions of Morocco.

Iranian (Persian) term

In Iran the term is known as Vāli and refers to the governor or local lord of an area such as the Lorestān Province in western Iran.

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