name = "Somatogyrus"

regnum = Animalia
phylum = Mollusca
classis = Gastropoda
ordo = Sorbeoconcha
familia = Hydrobiidae
genus = "Somatogyrus"

"Somatogyrus" is a genus of gastropod in the Hydrobiidae family.

It contains the following species:
* Reverse pebblesnail, "Somatogyrus alcoviensis"
* Oachita pebblesnail, "Somatogyrus amnicoloides"
* Goldend pebblesnail, "Somatogyrus aureus"
* Angular pebblesnail, "Somatogyrus biangulatus"
* Knotty pebblesnail, "Somatogyrus constrictus"
* Coosa pebblesnail, "Somatogyrus coosaensis"
* Thick-lipped pebblesnail, "Somatogyrus crassilabris"
* Stocky pebblesnail, "Somatogyrus crassus"
* Tennessee pebblesnail, "Somatogyrus currierianus"
* Hidden pebblesnail, "Somatogyrus decipiens"
* Ovate pebblesnail, "Somatogyrus excavatus"
* Fluted pebblesnail, "Somatogyrus hendersoni"
* Granite pebblesnail, "Somatogyrus hinkleyi"
* Atlas pebblesnail, "Somatogyrus humerosus"
* Dwarf pebblesnail, "Somatogyrus nanus"
* Moom pebblesnail, "Somatogyrus obtusus"
* Sparrow pebblesnail, "Somatogyrus parvulus"
* Tallapoosa pebblesnail, "Somatogyrus pilsbryanus"
* Pygmy pebblesnail, "Somatogyrus pygmaeus"
* Quadrate pebblesnail, "Somatogyrus quadratus"
* Mud pebblesnail, "Somatogyrus sargenti"
* Rolling pebblesnail, "Somatogyrus strengi"
* Savannah pebblesnail, "Somatogyrus tenax"
* Opaque pebblesnail, "Somatogyrus tennesseensis"
* Panhandle pebblesnail, "Somatogyrus virginicus"
* Channeled pebblesnail, "Somatogyrus wheeleri"

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