Brit (comics)

Brit (comics)


caption="Brit" #6
Art by Cliff Rathburn
character_name= Brit
publisher=Image Comics
debut="Brit" (July 2003)
creators=Robert Kirkman
alter_ego =
full_name =Brittany (last name unrevealed)
species =
homeworld =
alliances=Global Defense Agency
partners =
aliases =
supports =
powers= Invulnerability|

Brit is a fictional superhero published by Image Comics. He first appeared in "Brit" (July 2003), and was created by Robert Kirkman.

Publication history

Brit starred in three one-shots: Brit (July 2003), Brit: Cold Death (December 2003), Brit: Red, White, Black and Blue (August 2004). Robert Kirkman wrote the three one-shots with Tony Moore illustrating the first and second issue and with Cliff Rathburn on the third. The one-shots have been collected in a trade paperback and was released in March 2007.

In August 2007, Brit was launched as an ongoing full-color series written by Bruce Brown and features Rathburn's debut as an ongoing series artist. The series is overseen and edited by Kirkman. As of the second issue, Andy Kuhn came aboard as the series' breakdown artist. In the seventh issue, Rathburn was replaced by Nate Bellegarde as the new artist.

One-shot Synopsis


The opening of the first Brit one-shot showcased Brit battling Master Mind controlling a gigantic monster composed of human hostages. Although numerous people were killed in the fight, Brit was able to stop Master Mind and brought him in to custody. CIA Director Steven Erickson was adamant to duplicate Master Mind's power without any harmful side effects. CIA scientist Dr. Rodgers stated that they can safely duplicate his powers but suggests that the best thing they can do is to duplicate Brit's invulnerability. Erickson dismissed Rodgers' theory not wanting to risk losing their last line of defense and believed that Brit might very well be immortal. Elsewhere, Brit and his girlfriend, Jessica, discuss the future of their relationship and proceed in making love. In the middle of sex, Jessica mentioned that her father wanted to meet him and so invited them both for dinner. Brit was called in just in time to protect a group of gifted scientists in opening an interdimensional gateway. After killing the alien that came out of the portal, Donald saw Brit's nose bleeding but he quickly dismissed it claiming it was just the alien's blood. Donald was forced to report this to Erickson, which in turn he was forced to shift Rodgers' experiments from Master Mind to Brit, after he completes his last mission. Meanwhile, Brit is with Jessica's family and was having a hard time squirming around Jessica's father. Jessica committed a mortal sin of dating an older man, older than his father, then Brit blurted out that she dropped out of law school and became a stripper working at his strip club the "Ladies Room." Jessica's father was furious and walked-out in front of them. Brit followed him out of the house and told him how can he raised a such a level-headed woman while he is a certified jerk. Just then, Brit was called in to stop a crazed super-powered Chinese that took Indonesia by force. The two fought until the Chinese used up all of his energy then Brit moved in for the kill. After the fight Erickson and Rodgers came to pick Brit up, seeing them both together made him suspicious and he punched Erickson to make an escape. A few days later he took Jessica and handed the ownership of the Ladies Room to his trusted bartender. He went to Donald's place and thanked him for tipping him off about Erickson and Rodgers' plan, he also gave him his contact number if in any case he needs his help. Then the couple got married and disappeared. The story continues in the second one-shot "Brit: Cold Death."

Brit: Cold Death

In the second one-shot Brit: Cold Death, we see Brit and Jessica retire in a remote place somewhere in Alaska. Donald was finally able to visit the couple after getting flight clearance without Erickson sticking his nose on it since he was on a frantic search to apprehend Brit at all costs. The visit was cut short when Erickson and Rodgers arrived with an army armed to the teeth. They tracked Donald's helicopter and ordered Brit to come with them. Brit fought off Erickson and Rodger's attacks resulting in their deaths. In the aftermath, Donald made it look like he convinced Brit to come back and Brit was happy to oblige. Unbeknownst to them the explosions caused by the fight disturb the slumber of a frost giant. Coming back from their semi-retirement, Brit and Jessica's father are able to come into terms with Brit promising to take care of her no matter what. Back in Washington Cecil Stedman, the head of the Global Defense Agency, commends Donald for convincing Brit to return and informs Donald that he now takes Erickson's place. Donald was then called to his son's school to talk to Principal Winslow but had to leave quickly to go back to Washington. There, he briefed Brit on his first job back after vacation. He is stop his ex-wife and his husband from saving their sick son Kid-Quantum. They were in the process of siphoning the power from Earth's core to re-energize their son back to normal. Brit explained that they are going to destroy the planet and cannot allow that to happen. Brit killed Kid-Quantum's father when they fought back. When the clean-up crew arrived with Donald, Brit specifically told him NOT to tell Jessica about what happened. Back in the Alaskan wilderness the frost giant, who strangely enough knows how to speak English, woke up from his long hibernation and started rampaging through Anchorage. Meanwhile Brit and Jessica went to visit the Ladies Room to catch up with the staff and regulars. It was again cut short when Brit heard news about the frost giant's rampage. Brit went to Alaska to stop the giant, in the process Donald's chopper was struck down before Brit the U.S. Air Force kills the giant. It was then that the both of them learned Donald was in fact an Android. Brit was then informed that his wife has gone into labor while he was in action. Hours later they are at Jessica's room celebrating baby's birth when Donald asked what will be the boy's name. Jessica said his name will be Brittany Jr., Donald commented that Brittany is a girl's name. Brit said that his parents did not seem to think so. Donald grinned and said to forget about it. The last chapter of the story unfolds in the third Brit one-shot "Brit: Red, White, Black and Blue."

Brit: Red, White, Black and Blue

The opening of the third and last one-shot begins with Brit taking down a six-eyed monster while Donald was talking with his ex-wife, Beatrice about their failed relationship. Donald confessed he died while on a mission years ago and the Agency was able to rescue parts of his brain and store it into a robotic body. It took him years to completely restore his memory and emotion that was part of the reason why their marriage failed. In the middle of the conversation, Donald was called to work. He gave her money and jetted through the window. Donald caught up with Brit and told what happened. Brit berated him not to scare his ex-wife by doing the window thing, but said he cannot help it explaining that it was such a James Bond moment for him. The duo went to work shooting Kid-Quantum to the sun's core hopefully to cure him. Brit's ex-wife Susan was on the site and was infuriated. Donald told her that this was his idea and he pulled tons of favors to just to pull this thing and keep her from incarceration. Brit hugged and consoled his ex-wife, telling her that this is the best thing he can do. Jessica saw what Brit did and gave a disapproving look. Cecil then called for Donald, Brit and Jessica went home while Susan stayed waiting for her son's return. While in France an alien leader was plotting a worldwide invasion with assistance from the French Prime Minister. As part of the deal the Prime Minister would give them crucial information about the Earth's defenses in exchange of getting dominion over America. Back in Washington, Cecil apologized for not telling Donald what they did to him. Donald expressed his appreciation saying that being an android better than being dead. Cecil gave him time off to take care of things, which Donald took and patched up with his wife. Meanwhile Jessica was pissed with what she saw earlier, Brit told her that he was just consoling her. They then had a family dinner with their in-laws. The aliens then launched their full-scale invasion attacking major cities and destroying crucial military installations crippling the entire earth. After safeguarding their families, Donald, Brit and Susan rushed to Washington to stop the massive invasion on the White House. Inside, the Prime Minister was breaking in into his new office. The trio including the Guardians of the Globe, Capes Inc., Savage Dragon and Superpatriot fought back but their precise attacks and devastating fire-power was overwhelming their efforts. Susan was killed, Donald suffered severe damage and Brit was losing hope. Just then Kid-Quantum rocketed from the sun arrived on Earth to see aliens waging war. With his restored powers, he easily destroyed all the alien armada and their army. The invasion was averted and the treacherous Prime Minister was killed by Cecil. Kid-Quantum arrived too late to save his mother and lashed out at Brit ultimately costing him his powers and his life. Brit standing on the kid's ashes told Donald that he had enough and quit.


Brit stayed in their basement for weeks lamenting. Donald visited and tried persuading him to go back to work. He explained that he held himself responsible for single-handedly destroying Susan's family. Brit said that he was never a good husband to Susan and he always took her for granted. When Susan met Richard and started their own family, he saw her happy for the first time and with that he was able to forgive himself. Then he was forced kill Richard to save the planet and when Susan was killed in the invasion her son expended all of his powers to kill him. He told Donald he needs time to sort things out and only call when he is REALLY needed. Until then he told them to fuck off.

Brit (series)

First Story Arc: A.W.O.L.

Brit is back in action after his much needed time off and was assigned to a different division headed by Deputy Director Slitter. After completing a mission, Donald berated Brit for divorcing his wife. Then Brit was shown injured pulling a bloodied tooth while doing his laundry at a local laundromat. Donald tried to talk to Jessica with their recent divorce, unbeknowest to them that they were under surveillance. Then while doing a mission in the east coast of Japan, Brit was killed in action.

Meanwhile in Nevada, Brit's sister - Britney was finishing a alien drug bust when she got word about what happened to Brit. Back in the Pentagon, Slitter was furious of not getting a proper tissue sample. Donald had finally built the courage to inform Jessica of Brit's death, leaving her devastated. Brit's sister stormed into Slitter's office demanding to see her brother's remains only to learn that it is not Brit. Deep inside the Pentagon, the Cryonic Pit's climate engine has breach and is now venting out a subzero stormline that will freeze the entire base solid. Donald and Britney were successful in deactivating the climate engine only to discover Brit inside the Cryonic Pit containtment tube.

Brit's body was in deep blue. Donald thought that the higher-ups may have turned his friend into one of their science experiments again. Meanwhile, a crew were trying to thaw Brit out when the iced ceiling collapsed releasing him from stasis. Brit morphed into a tentacled-monster and attacked Brtiney and Donald, revealing that he is a clone and it gave substantial evidence that the one who died in Japan was also a clone. Eventually the duo took the monster clone down. On the other side of town a hobo wandering around earlier at the laundromat was shot with a rocket launcher by a hooded figure. The hobo turned to be the real Brit with his memory completely restored.

At present, the real Brit snuck into Donald's house to tell him what exactly happened with him in the last couple of months. Brit revealed that he was on mission as a last favor for the old man when he was betrayed by Slitter and taken into custody by his personal enforcer, Bent Franklin. Slitter threatened Brit's family if he refused to be cloned that forced him into submission. Back in the Pentagon, Slitter revealed to Britney about the failed batches of Brit clones and Brit's escape in Arizona. Even though he was faced by setbacks, he now sets his sights on cloning her instead.

Britney tried to escape but was taken down easily, but she successfully in transmitting Becky to Brit. In a different universe, Dr. Immortal and Assassin Kate died at the hands of a robotic tyrant while helping a group of people to escape. With the information he learned from Becky, Brit gathered Donald, Ms. Popper and his boyfriend to stop Slitter. Jessica and Brit Jr. was abducted by a group of unknown agents. While in the Department of History, another clandestine agency sent orders to have Slitter's department under surveillance for the recent unknown activities. In another place, the people that escaped the robotic tyrant arrived to their intended location - their faces hidden in their helmets. With Ms. Popper's help, Brit teleported inside the Pentagon but an unknown force bounced them off to a different dimension.

Brit and his team tried to fend off the spider-like creatures that attacked them the moment they arrived. It took a few minutes for Ms. Popper to teleport them back to their own universe. But they were again attacked this time by the Pentagon's robots the moment they arrived. Brit had to go and rescue her sister while Donald used the robots to transform into a huge Mecha to finish off the remaning spiders that hitchhiked during the return trip. Brit rescued Britney and in the process Slitter was fatally bitten by one of the spiders that followed Brit into the operation room. Cecil was on-hand to personally patch things up in the base. Brit took Britney to a hospital to recuperate but after he left, she was confronted a mysterious man. It turned out that he was the one who shot Brit with a rocket launcher, he was present when Brit was cloned, who ordrered to abduct Brit's wife and son for protection. This man was revealed to be their brother and only Britney has knowledge of it. It hinted that he has future business that he will need his brother for. In addition, the group of people that escaped the robotic tyrant was Invincible, Wolfman, Techjacket and their leader Robot strapped onto Jessica's arm. Robot revealed that they have an important mission to complete. In the end, Brit FINALLY came home to his wife and child.

Powers and abilities

Brit's sole superhuman ability is invulnerability. His body is totally impervious to any and every kind of physical injuries and the limits of his invulnerability are unknown. Unlike many superheroes depicted with invulnerability, Brit does not have any degree of superhuman strength; he is only as strong as a regular human male relative to his physique. ["Brit #3" (November 2007)]

Being a career soldier, Brit has vast experience in and mastery of multiple forms of combat.

upporting Cast

*Jessica: Brit's wife. Former law student turned stripper at club owned by Brit.
*Brittany, Jr.: Brit's infant son.
*Britney: Brit's sister (Identified as being named Britney in Invincible #48)
*Cecil Stedman: Head of the clandestine Global Defense Agency.
*Donald Ferguson: Cecil's assistant, Brit's contact, and android.
*Steven Erickson: Former director of the CIA and Brit's former boss.
*Slitter: Brit's new superior.


*"Brit: Old Soldier" (ISBN-10: 1582406782 ;ISBN-13: 978-1582406787) collects "Brit", "Brit: Cold Death" and "Brit: Red, White, Black and Blue"


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* [ Robert Kirkman and Bruce Brown Discuss Brit] , July 13, 2007, Newsarama
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