Leading Seaman

Leading Seaman

Leading Seaman (LS or L/S) is a non-commissioned rank or rate in navies, particularly those of the Commonwealth.


The badge in the Royal Australian Navy is the fouled anchor over the word "Australia". it is senior to Able Seaman but junior to Petty Officer. Leading Seaman or Leading Hand which it is also known as is the equivalent of Corporal in the Royal Australian Air Force and The Australian Army


In the Canadian Navy, Leading Seaman (LS) is senior to the rank of Able Seaman, and junior to Master Seaman (which is actually an appointment of Leading Seaman). Its Army and Air Force equivalent is Corporal and it is part of the cadre of junior non-commissioned officers, and one of the Junior Ranks. In French the rank is "Matelot de 1re classe (Mat 1)".

The rank insignia of the Leading Seaman is two gold chevrons, point down, worn on both upper sleeve of the Service Dress tunic, and in gold thread on black slip-ons on other uniforms. The former rank insignia worn in the Royal Canadian Navy was a foul anchor; thus Leading Seamen are colloquially termed "killicks", from a demotic term for an anchor. This tradition was inherited from the Royal Navy.

Leading Seamen are generally initially addressed as "Leading Seaman Bloggins", and thereafter as "Leading Seaman". The same rank title is used for female members.

Leading Seamen generally mess and billet with other Seamen and their Army and Air Force equivalents: Privates, Corporals, and Master Corporals. Their mess on naval bases or installations is generally named the "Junior Ranks Mess".

United Kingdom

The rate of Leading Seaman or Leading Rating in the Royal Navy is senior to Able Seaman and junior to Petty Officer. It is approximately equivalent to Corporal in the other services, although used to be considered junior to that rank (but always senior to Lance-Corporal). The badge is the fouled anchor (an anchor with a length of rope twisted around it), worn on the upper arm in formal uniform and on the shoulder slides in working dress.

Specialists use the "Leading" before their speciality (e.g. Leading Writer, Leading Cook, Leading Regulator).

A Leading Seaman is often jocularly referred to as a "killick", a type of homemade anchor.

ee also

* Non-commissioned member
* Seaman
* Non-commissioned officer

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