Liu Bei's takeover of Yi Province

Liu Bei's takeover of Yi Province

Infobox Military Conflict
conflict=Liu Bei's takeover of Yi Province
partof=the wars of the Three Kingdoms

date= 214
place=Yi Province, (present day Sichuan and Chongqing)
result=Liu Bei victory
combatant1=Liu Bei
combatant2=Liu Zhang
commander1=Liu Bei
commander2=Liu Zhang

Liu Bei's takeover of Yi Province was a campaign that took place between Liu Bei and Liu Zhang in 214 during the prelude to the Three Kingdoms period in China that laid the foundation of Shu Han. Liu Bei emerged victorious against Liu Zhang's forces.


In 211, Zhang Lu was planning to attack Yi Province in order to fight Wei. Liu Zhang hearing of the attack, sent Zhang Song to Wei to request assistance. Zhang Song angered Cao Cao, and had to go to Liu Bei for assistance. Liu Bei and Liu Zhang were relatives, and so Liu Bei agreed to help. Liu Bei went on a campaign to eliminate Zhang Lu. Liu Zhang wasn't a very strong ruler. Men in Liu Bei's camp argued that in order to realize the Three Kingdoms strategy Liu Bei had to take Yi Province. Liu Bei was reluctant at first, but in a fiery proclamation, emphasizing his responsibilities to his old allies and his subordinates, about the manner in which he and his men had labored in the service of Liu Zhang, Liu Bei turned his men against Chengdu. [ Kongming's Archives] ] [ "Generals of the South", Rafe de Crespigny (pages 8-9)] ]


Once the decision was made, Liu Zhang's power was ended. Though a number of his generals deserted or defected to Liu Bei, there were many people who remained loyal. The city of Luo, close to Chengdu, maintained its defense for a year under the command of Liu Zhang's son Liu Xun, while Yan Yan in Jiangzhou, who controlled the essential communications between Liu Bei and his base in Jing province, held firm until he was attacked by Zhuge Liang, Zhang Fei and Zhao Yun, advancing west along the Yangzi. Liu Zhang failed to take the chances, and he was betrayed by too many deserters and false advisers. By the summer of 214, Liu Zhang was trapped in Chengdu, faced with a combined attack by Liu Bei, reinforcements from the east, and also the army of Ma Chao. After a few weeks siege, rather than subject his people to further miseries of storm and sack, Liu Zhang came out from Chengdu and surrendered to Liu Bei.

Pang Tong was in charge of invading Chengdu. He took Fushui Pass, and advanced on Luo Castle, a defense position, but was killed in an ambush at the Valley of the Fallen Phoenix when he was mistaken for Liu Bei.

In fiction

During the Battle of Jiameng Pass, a fictional battle, Zhuge Liang and Zhang Fei faced the fury of Ma Chao. With Zhuge Liang's maneuvering, Ma Chao would defect to Liu Bei. With the loss of Ma Chao, Liu Zhang surrendered, and the lands of Shu now belonged to Liu Bei. Liu Bei occupied Chengdu and the Western River lands. He assumed Protector ship of Yizhou and declared himself king of Hanzhong. The configuration for the later Three Kingdoms had been established. Luo, Guanzhong "Romance of the Three Kingdoms"]

Modern references

The Battle of Chengdu is one of the many playable stages in the "Dynasty Warriors" series for the Playstation 2. In "Dynasty Warriors 3" and "4", the surrender of Liu Zhang is optional and often a special requirement for certain unlockable items. This concept was removed in "Dynasty Warriors 5" and Liu Zhang immediately surrenders once defeated.


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