Analyst generally is a term for an individual or tool of whom or which the primary function is a deep examination of a specific, limited area and may mean:
* Accounting analyst, An accounting analyst evaluates and interprets public company financial statements.
* Business analyst, in business an employee who examines the needs and concerns of clients and stakeholders to determine where potential problems and opportunities lie, known also as a "Business Systems Analyst".
* Color analyst, in sports broadcasting an individual who, as against a play-by-play announcer, provides analysis and commentary.
* Cost analyst, in business an employee who analyzes business operations to determine which courses of action are most efficacious.
* Financial analyst, in economics and finance an individual who analyzes securities and business equity.
* Industry analyst, in business and finance an individual who performs market research on segments of specific industries toward the identification of trends.
* Patent analyst, in the field of intellectual property an individual who performs patent and non-patent literature searches to determine the patentability of an invention.
* Psychoanalyst, in psychotherapy a practitioner who acts to elucidate connections in a patient's unconscious or subconscious mind.
* Public analyst, in the United Kingdom a duly qualified chemist appointed by a local authority.
* Public policy analyst.
* Systems Analyst or Information Analyst in computer science is an individual who analyzes technical design and functional design for development of new software.
* Web metrics Analyst, in webometrics an individual who examines trends and patterns in the use and expansion of the World Wide Web.
* An analyst in mathematics is an individual who focuses in the area of mathematical analysis.

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