The word hermetic is commonly applied to literary or graphical symbolism that is exceedingly obscure, convoluted, or esoteric. In that context, and not in any other context, hermeticism is the deliberate use of hermetic imagery.

The word "hermetic" or its derivatives may also refer to:
* Hermeticism, a magical and religious movement stemming from the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus.
* Hermeticism (history of science), also refers to reconstructing the mode of thought held by 17th century scientists
* Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, an initiatic occult organisation that first became public in late 1884.
* Hermetic Qabalah, a syncretism of Kabbalah within Hermeticism
* Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, a 19th century occult society
**The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Inc., a modern occult society
* "Hermetic" (soundtrack album), a music album by Timbersound with Magne Furuholmen
* Hermetic seal, an airtight seal
* Hermetic detector, a particle detector with large-angle coverage, designed to observe as many particles from an interaction as possible.
* Hermetica, also known as the Corpus Hermeticum or Hermetic Corpus, a corpus of Egyptian or Greek literature
* Hermética, an Argentine heavy metal band

ee also

* Hermeneutics, the study of the methods (the "art" or the "science") of interpreting texts

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