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"Spliced" (also known as The Wisher) is a 2002 horror film, starring Ron Silver, Liane Balaban and Drew Lachey. The film was released on December 1, 2002, in Canada. The film was directed by Gavin Wilding.


The movie is about a teenage girl who loves horror movies she watches them all the time yet is never frightened, but something that does happen is she sleepwalks out of her house and her parents get mad at her and forbid her to watch anymore horror movies. There's a new movie called "The Wisher" out and a huge hit with all her friends and her dad tells her she's not allowed to see it yet she sneaks outand before she leaves she says "I wish he would just go away" and goes and sees it but surprisingly a scene in the movie is too much for her and she leaves. Her dad goes after her but then dies in a car accident. She then notices one of the characters in the movie following her around and whenever she wishes something bad the wisher grants it.

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