Triton II paintball marker

Triton II paintball marker

marker_type=Gravity Fed Semi-Automatic Paintball Marker

caption= A Viewloader Triton II with a crude, handmade scope attachment
action= Semi-Automatic
bore= .68 in (17.272 mm)
barrel= 10.1 in (25.7 cm)
rof= ~8 balls per second
price= ~$100 USD

The Viewloader Triton II is an older marker than most used by paintball players. It is not readily available for ownership any longer, except in the small and rare case of a used marker or, in some cases, new Tritons sold at Wal-Mart stores.


Most users of the Triton recommend a barrel upgrade and nothing else, if only to curb the noise factor of the marker.

The Triton II is a suitable marker for beginners and casual players, but is inadequate for serious speedball or woodsball players. It is regarded as a well-made and dependable starter gun, but not a serious competition marker.

Features and Specifications

* Caliber: 0.68 in (17.272 mm)
* Action: Semi-automatic
* Power: CO2
* Feed rate: ~8 BPS
* Firing rate: ~8 BPS
* Trigger: Double-Trigger
* Barrel length: 10.1 in (25.7 cm)
* Length: 17.5 in (44.5 cm)
* Weight: N/A
* Effective Range: ~100 ft

Advantages and Disadvantages

The Triton II has a very competitive price value, and doesn't use much CO2 propellant compared to other markers. It is also not prone to chopping, and its light weight makes it easy to carry. It also has a very simple design. With practice, the Triton II can be field stripped and reassembled in less than a minute. It is also very effective at ranges up to 25-50 feet or close range combat.

Unfortunately, the Triton II is not accurate past 100 ft, a distance far less than most paintball markers. It also lacks a foregrip, and is awkward to handle in the field (New models do have a forgrip, which has padding for comfort). It is also difficult to aim, as it lacks any form of sights whatsoever, and the hopper obscures the firer's view of his field of fire. The Triton II is also extremely loud compared to most paintball markers, and CO2 gas escaping from the barrel during firing, as well as its bright color, draws significant attention to the firer. The Triton II is also difficult to modify, and the design is incompatible with most paintball modifications. The weight of the trigger pull is also heavy compared to other markers but good technique and finger strength can partially overcome this.

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